Canberra Balloon Spectacular 2016

So once again I ended up driving down to the Canberra Balloon Spectacular 2016.

This year the adventure didn’t start that well, as my car wouldn’t start and I was supposed to be picking my sister up from the train station 30min away. So after trying to jump start my car with dads batterie charger rather than the jumper leads as i found out this was not the right thing to do because i could have sorted out the house. I then work out the jumper leads in dads boot would be a better option. I was finally on the road and only 15mins late, oops. Glad i had an understanding sister, she wasn’t to unhappy but she did say that Blacktown train station had a girl stabbed there the day before. I would have settled for high thanks for picking me up but thats sister love for you.

Next part of the trip was a major crash on the freeway so this meant trying to work out the best way around using Mr Google maps. I some how managed to get stuck on a construction road. So 4.5hrs to drive to Canberra, only extra 1hr. Who cares were on holiday.

We checked in at Hyatt Canberra.

Hyatt Canberra

Then the next day 5am start to view the Balloons, well a bit of a disappointment as there was no wind so only a few launched the rest were taken to another site. I’m thinking the same place as last year but all the cars with balloon trailers had gone so we took a few photos and went back for a continental breakfast. Suff yourself silly so you can’t walk for the next hr.

Then it was try and get the car started again with jumper leads and off in search or a new car battery which will be very boring writing so i’ll skip that….

The we wandered over to the national museum which was free and a nice way to spend a couple of hrs. After that we went for a drive to see the Telstra tower and decided as a customer i should gain free entry since i give them over $100 per month on mobile bills. so the view from the steps was nice.

Then i’m thinking my car hates me because the low fuel light was on and google to the rescue once again finding closest petrol station and because of road works and extra detour around the block the car was running on fumes. I was thinking i wonder if my sister would push the car or just demand i buy a can of petrol, while she plays on the phone. Lucky my car made it and our friendship was still intact, I even bought her some mints just incase anything else could go wrong on this holiday.

Later that night we went to the night noodle markets which I’ve taken photo of all the food we ate but must have deleted because once you’ve face booked it why keep them..

After pigging out on way to much food we wandered around and found the light show to find the giant aluminated rabbits and other building with splashes of colour. I must say if your in Canberra these are two events you should not miss and if you get your timing right you can see both the balloons and lights on the same weekend.

Anyway as usual i decided to create a video of the next two days, the second day the weather was much better and the balloons managed to launch so heres the video.


Hope you enjoy my videos as i mentioned before, writing is not my thing but i try.

Chris Osborne Adventures.

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