Camino Training Mt Kosciuszko

New Years Day

So weighing heavily on my mind is last night conversation of we can’t hike over 1400 m of the Pyrenees. I think about this for awhile as our local Blue Mountains only just top the 1000 m mark.

I’ve hiked to Mt Kosciuszko which is 2228 m. To be fair you almost drive to the top but thats not the point. Its still a 18 km  hike along the ridge and back. So I now have a plan I’m going to drive down the coast.

Having spent most of the day looking at maps and trails of Mt Kosciuszko I manage to link a few together that will give me 27 km and have me hiking up a total of 1000 m  gain. That means no mater where I start above sea level i still have to hike up a total of 1000 m.

I pack my bags and have an early night.

The Drive to my Accommodation

The next day I drive 5hrs down the coast to Jindabyne and stay at the Banjo Paterson Inn. Which is reasonably priced and has a hot buffet breakfast to get you going in the morning. The accommodation is a little dated but thats what you get for not pre booking anything in holiday season.

I go food shopping for tomorrow snacks and lunch then have a wood fire pizza from next door which truly is tasty and the cheese manages to get everywhere.

The next morning i’m awoken to a beautiful sunrise, getting out onto the balcony is another task. The sliding door doesn’t want to open without a fight but I must have this time-lapse for my video. So I fight with the door until i’m out with my camera on the balcony.


Next I driving up to Thredbo information centre just to make sure all the walks are open and pick up a copy of the Thredbo Walks Trail Map. Pdf or you can down load and print your self. My advice is take two copies in different places in your bag as I almost lost mine in the high wind when having lunch.

Note you also have to pay to gain access to Kosciuszko National Park.

My walks to complete the 27 km hike. All walks on map above.

  • Merritts Nature Track
  • Mt Kosciuszko Lookout
  • Mt Kosciuszko Sumit
  • Merritts Traverse
  • Pipe Line Path the road back to car.

If you would like to see my video adventure of the hike click the link below.

The day started off nice and warm but soon changed in temperature the higher I hiked up towards the ski lifts. Once past the ski lifts and the landscape change to a more barren landscape with high wind. Then the fog started rolling in and people started disappearing out of view and into the fog.

The summit track is a gradual spiral up to the top of Mt Kosciusko with views as far as you can see into the fog. Just hang around for a while out of the wind behind large boulders and  the views are amazing and well worth the hike.


This is the following summer hiking from Charlotte’s Pass to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko with my Family Mum Dad and Sister.

I drive back at mum and dads house 3 days later confronting dad with, “I can hike 27 km with a gain of 1000 m. Now i’m going to train mum to do it.”

I’m now 100% behind getting her over the Pyrenees.

Next Chapter

Our Training Hikes.

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