Kayak Grose River III & IV Yarramundi

The Kayak

This is a nice easy kayak and lots of fun because once your up the river a little way you hit shallow areas and if you take the wrong part of the river watch out you have to get out and drag your kayak over the few inches of water. The waters just that bit to shallow to kayak in but deep enough that you can drag it over the sand and tiny pebbles.

This is the kind of kayak trip I like to take beginners on because the waters not very deep you can find lots of places to get out and stretch your legs or get something to eat. The flow of the river is not very strong and there is some nice swimming spots you can enjoy in summer. You will not find any power craft up this river so its nice and peaceful with the sound of nature all around. Sometimes you can here the odd car or a motorbike but not very often.


On the few trips that I’ve been up the river with friends we’ve seen fish, eels, turtles and lizards in the water. Cockatoos, bellbirds, kingfishers, Sea eagles in the sky or on the river banks. On one trip a dog appeared and followed us up the river and stayed with us for lunch but would not eat any thing. Then she followed us back down the river for a few kms then jut went back home. Ive walked a dog but never kayaked a dog before. I made a short video of the dog below.

My Youtube Videos

Chris Osborne Adventures

Map of Grose River



12 thoughts on “Kayak Grose River III & IV Yarramundi

      1. Well with a bit of luck there should be a lot more videos in the future, I just took a redundancy from work to concentrate more on my travels and making videos. Should head up to the Northern hem around May once it starts warming up. Where are you located?


      2. I’ll check you blog out later on tonight as I’m interested in the Netherlands. I bought myself a new laptop to make editing video a little faster so I’m a little caught up moving files and programs from old to new Mac atm.


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