Kanangra Walls Camp Out

Wrong Sleeping Bag

I wake up so cold I start shivering, my +5 sleeping bag just isn’t cutting it. The reason is its about 5 deg inside my tent and by bag has no loft and its about 5mm think.

My -10 sleeping bag wouldn’t fit in my panniers so I chose another smaller sleeping bag. Unfortunately this one was packed so tight in it’s little compression sack that the air was squeezed out of it. So trying my best to pull the loft apart in my bag in the hope I could generate some warmth. I was day dreaming about the bag I left at home that would have left me toasty and warm rather than freezing my nuts off in this bag.

Nature calls so I unzip and am amazed at the sight before me, The sky is filled with so many stars I can see the milky way. My head torch is lighting up my breath as I walk towards the toilet, I feel like a little kid and look like a stream train.

Morning finally arrives and I remove every bag, jumper and map off my sleeping bag trying to create some warmth in the night. I crawl out of my sleeping bag unzip the tent and look for some sun rays to warm me up a little. No luck it’s an overcast morning so I go for a quick walk and startle a kangaroo. I turn my iPhone on and try and get his photo but he’s just to quick for my frozen fingers.


My Hubba Hubba Tent

Another thing I forgot was my compact stove, so its cold tuna and a muesli bar for breakfast. There was more walking between these two items I didn’t have them together.

Anyway I packed my tent up and turned the heating on and drove down to the Kanangra Walls carpark which I biked the day before.

Some guy was flying his drone which would have made some nice footage but he looked a bit occupied to ask for his details, so I chatted to his wife.

The birds were singing whatever birds sing and the sun was starting to burn my head because something else I forgot was my hat. I thought I won’t need a hat, I have my bike helmet. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to wear a bike helmet without the bike, this only make you look special and not in a good way.


Finally after years of wanting to walk on Kanangra Walls i’m here. The views are out of this world and it’s so peaceful now the drone’s used up its 25min of flight time. The weather started to change and the temperature dropped as the sun had enough for one day and disappeared behind every increasing clouds.


I took a few photos of the views because the birds are just to quick for the iPhone. Then decided to power walk back to the car to warm up again.

I drove back via Oberon because the road was one way at Jenolan Caves around lunch time. This was a nice drive with lots of lots of autumn leaves falling off the trees on the approach to Oberon.

What did I learn

This was only a trial bike packing and camping adventure to see if the bags performed and to improve my gear list.

Beanie, Hat, Camping Stove, -10 Sleeping Bag, Gloves, Charger for iPad. Dehydrated food. Waterproof bags for clothes, More chocolate.


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