Camino Arrival 2014

Well I was finally sitting on a plane full of cold in the winter of 2014, after saving my annual leave for a year I managed to get 3 weeks off work. Lets see if all my hard work training in the Blue Mountains most weekends for the passed year had paid off. I’d been walking, hiking, working out on my spin bike, I think I was the fittest id ever been in my whole life. Now I was full of cold and was struggling to walk across Sydney airport.

I swallowed my cold and flu tablets, in about half an hour of boarding the plane I was totally exhausted and fell asleep.

We flew from Sydney to Dubai, changed planes and then caught another Plane to Madrid. We caught a taxi to our hotel dropped our gear off and went in search of my cold and flu tablets and a sim card for my phone. I got so caught up in training my mother for this trip I totally forgot about learning Spanish.

After an amusing half hour playing charades with the chemist I got some cough mixture, much to the delight of the chemist and her assistant.

After a 5 minute nap before dinner we woke up 9hrs later the next day just in time to catch a train to Pamplona, to meet a pre booked taxi to take us over the Pyrenees to St Jean.

Once arriving in St Jean. Ivan our taxi driver escorted us to our accommodation we said farewell and thanked him for our commentary on our 1.5hr trip from Pamplona. We then headed over to get our credentials and have them stamped. Our first official stamp of the Camino.

We had a little walk around town looked in all the shops and decided we couldn’t buy anything because we would have to carry anything we bought over the Pyrenees.

Food was next on the agenda so we ordered some dinner, we had a lovely meal but 4yrs has passed so have no idea what it was only thing I can remember was the hot chocolate to suppress my cough.

Afterwards we wandered back to our accommodation to look at a map I forgotten to bring of our route across the Pyrenees. How hard could it be anyway theres 100’s of people walking it tomorrow.

I was too excited to chill out and goto sleep so I left mum in the hotel and wandered around town to Film the sights of St. Jean.

My Camino Arrival Video


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