Camino Day 2

Now since i’m writing this blog 4 years later in preparation for my next camino in 2018. I’m a little rusty on the details, mainly because if I ever talk about the camino I always show people my Camino Arrival and Camino Day 1 video.

Anyway i’ll do my best but my strong point is the videos I create (see at end of blog) not my writing abilities.

We had such a nice chat with the people at breakfast that we didn’t want to leave, and since they were riding a bike they were in no rush either. I made a pig of myself again, this time as part of our accommodation an all you can eat continental breakfast was included.

This is the benefits of walking the Camino with my mum that didn’t like dormitory style accommodation. What I couldn’t eat mum managed to wrap in a napkin and shove in her bag for morning tea, I felt very embarrassed by this but by the time morning tea came around I didn’t complain as I had a muffin an some fruit.

My cold seems to have been lost somewhere over the Pyrenees in the mist and I had only the occasional cough so I was feeling much better.

As we said goodbye to our accommodation a little after 9am we walked down the street and passed a sign that I recognised from the movie that read Santiago De Compostela 790km. I was excited and overwhelmed at the same time, lucky we were only walking for just over 2 weeks and 270km.

As we walked through Auritz I was to busy talking to mum and started following white arrows painted on the ground. Luck there was a information board down the road and we were back on track about half hr or so.

Today the weather was a complete contrast from the day before,the sun was shining and we were walking beside open fields with eagles flying overhead and mum singing the fields are alive with the sound of music. Wrong country but mum was having the time of her life so I just laughed.

I was also in my element filming different birds, bugs and butterflies from what we get in Australia.

So my 2nd mistake for the day was a miss calculation of distance and the location of our hotel. It was another 6km down the road, after speaking to about 4 different people and the distance ranging from 4km to 20km. Mum was totally warn and the thought of another 4 to 20km to our pre booked accomodation was just too much. After a little while I managed to find a taxi and showed him the name of our accommodation and told mum to get, I then shut the door and said drive. I wanted to walk the whole way with no short cuts and a little time on my own.

About 10mins after I put mum in a taxi I met up with a mum, dad and daughter who were really friendly and super fast walker like me, I managed to walk with them for about 3km before they headed off for there accomodation. It was nice to walk with other people because I knew why mum and myself were walking the Camino.

I arrived at Hotel Akerreta and I couldn’t control my excitement viewing the hotel that was in the movie The Way. This was the part of the Camino I was looking forward to the most, been in the real life movie set.

The owner of Hotel Akerreta was the most friendly of all our accomodation owners on the Camino and made us feel so welcome. We had a beautiful meal and I was left talking to two students from America well into the night with a few bottles of wine.

The day was a little longer than I expected because all we took was a small printout of towns and distances, but who cares we have nothing else to do but walk, eat, drink, sleep repeat.

Enjoy my video Camino Day 2


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