Camino Day 3-5

Day 3

After leaving Hotel Akerreta with a little hangover, I seemed to have gained super sonic hearing as the whole world was now much to loud for my ears. After about half hr Spain seemed to calm down and adjust the volume of my foot steps walking along the gravel.

Today we never seemed to be to far from the main road and could often hear the traffic passing by. After walking awhile we came across a little outside pizza place which I can imagine would be fabulous on an evening, as it was only early morning we settled for some fresh juice and tortilla. This was fast becoming my favourite food in Spain as were Bagels in Canada and Flapjacks in England.

We spotted a couple of old guys sat on chairs drinking wine from a bota bag / wine skin. I would love to give this ago but not at 10am.

The landscape was once more changing and we walked over bridges and headed into Pamplona, city. Now i’m not one for city’s and I dread them, way to many people for me, give me the countryside any day. Hard to believe I work in the centre on Sydney Australia and still don’t like them.

Day 4

We had a rest day and spent seeing the site seeing, it was nice to be free of a backpack but I did miss my water bladder been at hand. We had a chat to a nice lady selling art works and purchased a few of her postcard sized prints to take home. She recommended walking the city walls and visiting a park filled with birds. After this we walked 5km out of town and to our next accomodation.

Day 5

Today we walked beside fields of crops and if viewed from the air we would have looked like flies walking across and patch work quilt. I stopped and picked a hand full of peas from one of the fields then we headed up towards the wind turbines.

Me stealing peas

Just before we go there we stopped and had photos in a field of the most vibrant poppies. This was a little sad, because poppies are associated with war and remembrance day so we had a few moments of silence and I may have shed a tear or two.

We then stopped at the metal pilgrim statues in Puerto Del Perdon for more photos and almost got blown off, I guess this is why the wind turbines are there. We headed down off the mountain and in to Puente La Reina.

We stopped at the first accomodation we came across and ordered something to eat and a few Mojito’s.

Mum had her feet looked at and bandaged by a foot carer as her blisters were starting multiply and get worse. This was having an effect on me as it was hard to see my mother in pain as I felt guilty as the whole walk was my idea.

Mum getting her feet doctored

So as a consequence I really stopped seeing the beauty in the Camino and in turn stopped filming which I later regretted. I should have seen this as an opportunity to document all the aspects of our journey not just the highlight’s. I started to shut down and withdraw into myself, I guess we should have talked more.

My Camino Video Day 3 to 5


One thought on “Camino Day 3-5

  1. I so love looking back on our Camino journey, we did learn a lot about each other and I know we will do things a little different when we finish it next year, it was a big learning curve for both of us, and we both learned a lot from our experience

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