Camino Day 6-12

Day 6

Today was another wonderful walk with more bridges and lots of fields of various crops. The finer details caught my attention, like small birds chirping away to each other, or the rainbow coloured bugs and butterflies.


If you have been watching my videos for a while now you’ll notice i’m always searching for unusual bugs and the smaller animals that people see but never stop to photograph.

Mum was fascinated by the numerous styles of door knockers and proceeded to photograph them all.

Walking out of town on the side of a hill there was a huge map of the world created with plants in old car tyres completed a few years ago as a school project.

School Project

We stopped next to a bridge and soaked our tired feet in a cold stream water. I stripped down to my underwear and walked in up to my knees, then got changed into my shorts as the weather was warming up. Unfortunately I don’t think the water was that clean as mums feet got so much worse that night and infection took hold.

Day 7

At 7am we came across a wine fountain which has a live web cam at I think your only supposed to have a small drink not fill whole water bottles full like some people were doing.

Out in the middle of nowhere was a van selling hotdogs and drinks. When you have walked all day an ordinary hotdog can taste truly amazing. Some peoples legs were the same shade as the hotdog i’d just eaten as today there was no shade at all. Next year i’m taking a wide brimmed hat not just a baseball cap. Just so happens I bought one last week.

IMG_6172Mum stopped a farmer to take photos of his goats, they seemed to be chatting for about 5mins I found this highly amusing as mum spoke only English to him an I presume he was speaking Spanish back. The both seemed happy with the outcome so who was I to question.

Day 8

I stopped taking video as it seemed a hassle getting the video camera out and I was still feeling terrible for the condition of my mothers poor feet.

We arrived in Viana and most of the doors and alleyways were all boarded up. This town was starting to feel a little odd. It turns out they have there own running with the bulls, so after dinner the teenagers chased the kids around with bull horns mounted on a wheel barrow.

Then later the real bulls were released and people ran for their lives, I wasn’t game to stand in the streets. I’m very unlucky so I decided to film from behind the safety of a thick wooden fence.

Day 9

Mums feet got a lot worse and she seemed to have more bandages than toes and was fixing them up every few hrs. When we got into Logrono we got excited because we thought we had come across another festival so we started to line up with a bunch of other people, turns out it was a funeral so we swiftly departed.

Day 10

We set off super early and watched the sunrise which was awesome to see the town in silhouette as we walked down the road and out of town.


Day 11 – 12

Arrived at Belorado and this was our final stop, we checked in to our room and while I was outside trying to get the wifi to sync my walks with mapmyfitness My mother was sobbing in the room. I waited a while then entered and pleaded her to stop walking if she was in so much pain, whats the point as I was also not enjoying the walk anymore because of this.

We had a little time apart and she got talking to an Irish Male nurse and he looked after mums feet and supplied her with some medical grade bandages. He was also part of the crew that helped a guy push his mate in a wheelchair for the whole Camino.

This place also had a pool but it was supper cold so I was only in for two laps, then I noticed all the people dangling there bandaged and blistered feet in the water. I dried off and quickly retreated to our room for a hot shower to de germ myself.

Best find on the Camino a Port with my Surname on the bottle. Also the year of my birth too, will if I was born in 1772 not 1972.IMG_6303

I talked to an amazing woman walking the camino with a horse, dog and a teenage foster child which i felt sorry for and gave away my beanie because she was cold. Also all our snacks we just purchased from town and some paper euro’s stashed in the bottom of the bag to help them buy some more food in a few days time.

This was funny the next day when mum asked for some muesli bars at the bus stop and I told her I gave them all away.

Bus to Burgos

So we decided to call it quits as we only had 6 more day left. Mum rearranged our flights home a day later.

What I learn from this?

I live alone back home in Australia and like my space and alone time. Walking, eating, been in the same room as mum 24/7 was a little much for me to handle, so when we return in 2018 I think I need that hr or so to unwind by myself or find the company of others to chat too. I think this didn’t happen because we staying in hotels most of the time, so we had very few group dinners.

I was always worried about my mother getting lost because I would always plan out the training walks back in Australia. I should have more confidence in my mothers abilities and let her do her own walk maybe have a pre arranged town to meet at the end of each day.

If things turn for the worst I must keep filming as this creates more drama and better stories to look back on.

We need to talk more, I must learn not to shut down and sulk.

We learn from our mistakes and have both talked about what we should do when we return in 2018.

Learn some Spanish and pack a few less t shirts, heavy walking pants and a lighter rain jacket.

My Camino Video Day 6-12

So I hope you have enjoyed my blog and videos so far and we should start Camino training again in a few months time.

Stay tuned as big changes are about to happen in my life over the coming weeks.

Chris Osborne.



3 thoughts on “Camino Day 6-12

  1. I think our next trip will be amazing as we know so much more about, the trip, the Camino and more about each other, Chris will keep filming I will keep walking we will finish the Camino, probably me 3kms behind but that doesn’t matter as long as we do it at our own pace and finish

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