Cicada Nymph Transformation Video

About lunch time on a Sunday afternoon I decided to go for a walk in Glenbrook National Park to stretch out my legs from Fridays 26km hike to Blue Gum Forrest.

As I got out of the car I noticed the presence of Cicadas buzzing so loud it was almost hurting my ears. As I walked down the fire trail the sound subsided to a more pleasant level that was not ear piercing.

While looking at the blackened tree bark from recent fires, many Cicada cases stood out at the base of these trees. I started to photograph them and noticed two stuck together, on closer inspection I could see that it was a Cicada transforming and braking out of its case. I was amazed as i’d never seen this happen before.

Cicada transformation

I took some photos then tried to do a time lapse but my iPhone kept going out of focus. After playing around with the settings I found another Cicada transforming and managed to film the final stages of him braking out of his case.

Now I was hooked and knowing this would be some good video footage I needed to find a Cicada Nymph crawling up a tree and cracking his case.

Cicada Holes
Cicada Nymph crawling up a tree

After a while of looking around I managed to find one crawling from under my backpack. Poor guy I must have placed my bag on top of him while filming the other one. So I started to film him crawling for the nearest tree, over sticks, stones and an ants nest, were a previous Cicada was not so lucky.

I went for a 10min walk down the track as I know this Cicada was going to take his time to do his thing. On my return I was just in time to see his Cicada case splitting open.

I set the iPhone up resting my hands on a tree and took a kneeling position on some small stones.

Now this is where having all the right gear would have been handy, like a tripod. I managed to place my bag under one of my knees, turns out the soft spot I was kneeling on was my ham sandwich. Well as it turns out it takes a Cicada Nymph transformation about 15mins to brake out of its shell.

Did I mention that there was an ants nest near by, if your trying to hold an iPhone with both hands and ants start to crawl over you, your only option is to blow them off your hands or legs. If you blow them before they take hold with their pincers they get a free flying lesson. If you don’t then you start to find some colourful language as the pain these little bugger can inflict.

After about 10mins the legs start to go numb starting at the feet and working up the legs. The arms that are exposed to the sun start to get sunburnt and the ant that crawles up under your shorts, well your preying that he’s scared of the dark and won’t bite anything he can’t carry back to his nest. I’m glad I bought new underwear recently and the elastic around the legs is firm.

So thats a little background in to what I go thought to film a Cicada Nymph transformation for my YouTube, Instagram, FaceBook and WordPress friends.

Enjoy this video little clip I made for you.

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