Carrington Falls Campground

Well as you may know from my previous blogs, I’m selling my house and traveling the world. At the moment I’m still waiting for a 10day cooling off period so rather than camp on the floor of my empty house, I decided to drive down the coast and explore the southern highlands.

I’d initially decided to camp out for 4days, 3nights and explore a few different campgrounds. Unfortunately just after I arrived at the first campground I got a call from the bank saying I had to sign some paperwork regarding my house, so this was cut sort to 2days and 1night.

I also thought this might be a good opportunity to test out my gear for my larger around Australia trip. Converting from camping when I go hiking to car camping I discovered I can take so much more that I don’t have just yet.

I have a small blow up mattress which is good for a few nights in the bush but I’m going to get a proper mattress if I’m going to be sleeping on this thing for months at a time.

Anyway I set up camp and went for a walk to scout out some locations for shooting night time video. Since this was my first night shoot I was not sure what to expect. Well apart from been a little bit creepy and lots of spiders I think more clothing is required and a few snacks. Also more patience is needed to sit in once spot and listen for movement in the surrounding bushes and maybe a bit of tarp to sit on.

I managed to see spiders, frogs, crickets, unidentified bugs and a rock wallaby and managed to film all but the rock wallaby.

I got back to campsite, had dinner and started reading a book at 11pm when this car started driving very slowly around the camp site a few times. Just what I need when I’m the only person in the camp site. Anyway it was just a guy wanting to set up his tent for the night.

The next day I went in search of the rock wallaby but by the time I turned the camera, microphone and got the shot ready the wallaby had more pressing things to do. I did manage to find lots of parrots, magpies and other smaller birds.

On my return to camp I ran into a lady (Louise) sitting in blue pool, we had a chat for about half hr and she said I looked like Sam Neil from Jurassic Park. I’m thinking it was the hat or she had bad eye site. Anyway she convinced me to go for a swim after I had breakfast, Lets just say it was bloody cold and the monkey nuts were frozen.

Only Blue if in full sun and a few filters added

I then packed up camp and went to the bank to sign some papers, had a walk around Belmore and as always ended up in the second hand book shop, The Good Reader Bowral. Happy with my purchase of Gerald Durrell, A zoo in my Luggage. I decided a road trip was in order.

Wine and a good book

I drove to a local vineyard Joadja winery for some moscato and after talking to the owner and showing off a few of my videos I ended up with a bottle of Tawny too. I think I might just crack open the moscato now, Cheers.

Video of my Camping trip


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