Passport Dramas


Well have I got some catching up to do, As you will discover I’m extremely unlucky and because of the following events I’ve had to delay posting.

I left you where I was tightening my seatbelt on the plane, well sorry to disappoint you but the landing into Brisbane, Sydney and Singapore was uneventful, however…..


Now this where my my luck changed, as I was called forward to boarder control the person didn’t seem to like me visiting the UK for 5months and started writing everything I said down.

I was asked how much money I had on me and I responded with 170 Pounds in cash.

Well thats not enough for 5 month. Yes I know thats only the cash I have on me, as you asked, the rests in the bank. I was then asked where I was going to travel and to the best of my ability tried to explain that family and friends then Scotland followed by Spain to walk the Camino for two months and a few more trips down south to see family, the rest I’m not sure.

This didn’t seem to satisfy, as I was asked to come for further questioning. I was escorted to a holding pen and left for about an hr.

I then asked what was happening and told very little, not satisfied with this, I told the officers that I was British traveling on an Australian passport which I’ve done many times before. I told them I didn’t bring my British passport as it had expired but I had a copy on my computer as well as a birth certificate.

This then opened another can of worms because they could not find my passport on record because it had expired more than 16yrs ago.

I was then taken to another room fingerprinted, photographer, I’m just glad that the rubber gloves didn’t come out at this stage or ever. This is were I was told that I would not be getting my Australian passport back.

After another hour I was told that I was not going to make my connections to Leeds.

I was in a panic as my friend had taken the day off work and was driving 2hrs to pick me up.

After 3hrs I was taken to the information desk to find another flight and the lady told boarder security that I could still catch my original flight because it was running late. He didn’t seem to pleased. This is where I phoned my friend with the good news.

I was then handed some forms and told to phone back in a week to see about my passport.

Because the flight was running late the gate number was not been displayed on the flight board and I started to panic. Lucky the airport had internet and I photographed all the documents boarder security had given me and sent them to my parents in Australia followed by a phone call. Why should I be the only one stressing out, right. Poor mum, maybe I should have waited to tell her the bad news.

I had just spent 35hrs on flight and slept for about 3hrs, been fingerprinted, photographed and had my passport taken off me with little explanation apart from we can’t find record of your English passport. I think I was starting to loose the plot a little.

I caught my flight to Leeds airport and then was stressing about my bag, had it been taken off the flight, I’m sure a few dozen of my hairs turned grey. My bag was riding the conveyer belt and was none the wiser.

I was greeted by my school mate and over the next few hrs repeated my story several times trying work out what had happened.

After going for a walk to find a shop that didn’t exist and a white horse that did, we stopped off at a viaduct where I took some photos and then my phone died in the extreme cold and rainy weather. It later revived, once indoors and connected to a power source.


Then next day I phoned the Australian embassy but they were closed for bank holiday even though it was not a bank holiday.

The guy at the British Passport office was much more helpful and told me not to worry too much.

I phoned Boarder security and they still had no news but explained that because I didn’t have a British passport they took my Australian one.


Over the next few days I was visiting as many family and friends just incase I was going to be deported the following week.


I got a phone call saying that everything was ok and could now pick up my passport, Err no I’m 7hrs away can’t you just post it. After a manages approval he said yet to posting my passport.

I can now finally eat properly, and the sickness is no longer in my stomach.


My Australian passport arrived and I’ve never been happier to see a passport in all my life.

I will also renew my British passport while I’m over here as I’m sure my Australian one has a few comments against it.

Oh my luck hasn’t changed I ordered a burger which came with mouldy buns on the weekend. And today my expensive video camera fell off a viaduct wall and smashed.


16 thoughts on “Passport Dramas

  1. OMG, That IS stressful! I feel so sorry for you. Hope everything is better now? Nothing better then to go kayaking to get the stress levels down again.
    Enjoy yourself and I hope to read about your adventures. I still have to work for 2 monthes befor I cna go kayaking.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it was a little stressful and I was off my food for a few days. Everything is ok now apart from dropping my camera. I haven’t found anywhere to hire a kayak in the UK just yet. I’m heading off to Scotland with a school friend tomorrow for a week. I’ve been so busy that I’m a little behind in updating my blog and reading other people’s.I’ll see what I can manage over the next week or so. I’ve just re applied for my UK passport so hopefully will stop all the dramas I’m having. Hope you get to go kayaking


      1. Aww, that is no way to start your adventures. The only way is up from this piont! Buy yourself a new camera!!
        For hiring a kayak, try the kayakcentre/shop in Oban. They also do guided kayaktrips around Oban, even to the coryvreckan whirlpool. I have a digital pilot for the Scottish waters if you are interested. Let me know and I will e-mail it to you.
        I hope the passport problems are soon over and out of your head!


      2. I’m not sure where my school friend is taking me, other than Glenfinnan viaduct. I don’t think he’s into kayaking but maybe I’ll have some free time. I’ll take note and ask him thanks for the info


      3. I think my plans may be changing as my bad luck strikes again. Yesterday day afternoon my dad passed away only hrs after I said goodbye as I headed up to Scotland. I think this trip somehow is cursed.


      4. My condolences. That is terrible. So unexpected. My heart goes out to you. Bad luck comes in three, a Dutch proverb say. But you had very bad 3 times unlucky. I wish you strength during these coming days.


      5. I understand. The grief at this moment is deep. It overshadows everything. From experience I can say that going on your adventure only deepens the experience of the adventure. Allow yourself the joy together with the pain and grief. It is the best way to worth through the loss of you father. I know that this seems to be unachievable at this moment. Embracing all feeling you feel now. Cry and scream even if that seems totally inappropriate.


      6. Thank you for the kind words I’m sure I will cope I’ll have to. Living in Australia I’m not that close but always found time to call him. The last two weeks have been fantastic and dad was there when I needed him.


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