Walking The Cinder Track

I’m trying to keep my fitness up as I’ll be attempting to walk the 800km of The Camino de Santiago in a few months time. I was recently told about The Cinder Track which is an old disused railway line from Whitby to Scarborough and roughly about 22miles 35km.

Dad drove me to Whitby around 8:30am to the start of The Cinder Track, I thanked him for the lift and said good bye, I thought he may have walk the first km with me but I don’t think there was parking and he was keen to get back to the allotment. Because onions don’t plant themselves.

The weather was warming up so I was a little overdressed in my winter jacket as I only walked about 1km when I had to strip off.

It was nice to hear the birds chirping even if they were to quick for me to capture on my video camera.

After 2km I arrived at Larpool Viaduct where I thought I would be a little creative with my video shots and show my dad the hight of the viaduct walls.

This was a very big mistake as the stone work was very uneven, I managed to secure my camera in the slight breeze and walked past the camera for the first shot. Now this is where my luck changed and as I turned the camera around for another angle I didn’t think to check that the camera was secure. I had only walked about 3 steps when I heard a crash of metal and I turned around and could see my video camera was in a few bits. I walked up to my camera and let out a big sigh as I thought my camera was completely broken.

Screen totally F$%^&

Luckily it was only the LCD screen on the side of the camera. The rest was still in good working order. My camera had a second eyecup screen on the back, so this is what I used to keep filming my walk.

The walk had some spectacular scenery and the track was in very good condition as I have read it was not well maintained so I was expecting the worst. I could see in a few sections it would be a little muddy if there had been a lot of rain but over all I was happy with the condition of the track.

I loved walking by all the farms and seeing live stock up close even if the country air was a little strong on the nose. I saw cows, goats, sheep with baby lambs, horses, ponies, alpacas, geese and some chickens.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 3.41.33 pm
View of Whitby

I also got to walk through lots of tunnels and most of the old platforms were still in good condition and some of the stations were turned in to tea rooms or guest houses.

You could also stay in some of the old train carriages that had been turned into accommodation. There was a bike hire which would have been an excellent ride but unfortunately it was closed.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 3.40.59 pm
Train Accommodation and Bike Hire

I arrived at the halfway mark Ravenscar National Trust shop, picked up a map and ordered a hot chocolate.

When I left the shop I was a little confused as this was also where the Cleveland Way Split off and a field had another walking paths as well.

A hundred meters down the road I was back on track again and ran into two people on bikes that I’d seen earlier.

I was a little behind my schedule so I put my camera away for a while and stated to pick up a good pace.

The 2nd half of the track was just as spectacular as the first and would have been a beautiful stream train ride back in the day, with coastal vistas across farmer’s fields and views of the coast line.

The last few kms was parkland behind all the houses of Scarborough and parents were picking their kids up from school. Back to reality of traffic noise as I approached Scarborough train station were I purchased my ticket.

The train pulled out 5mins after I boarded and 20mins later I was back at home only with the back of my legs a little tender.

My Video of The Cinder Track


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