Last days with my Dad

I said good bye to my dad this morning but didn’t realise it would be the last time I would ever see him alive. He said “Have a good time in Scotland Son and I’ll see you in a few days”

I’d just wished I’d given him a hug goodbye as I walked out the door of my dads life and headed off to Scotland with one of my school friends for 5 days.

It was such a shock to get a phone call about 6hrs later from my aunty saying my dad was dead.

I only got to spend two weeks with my dad this visit to the UK as he passed away at the allotment doing something he loves, growing his own veggies. I’m so happy I got to help him this past fortnight digging the garden for him ready to plant his summer crop.

I got to see you laugh more this time than I ever had, at The forbidden corner where we all had such a wonderful time. Dad slapped a goose for pecking him on the head. An hour later it was chasing the car out of the car park.

I really thought that I would have more time with my dad on this trip as I was staying for 5 months. I was going to interview my dad and make a little documentary as I think this would be the last time I would visit my family in Filey, North Yorkshire.

York Railway Museum

I’m really having bad luck on this holiday with my passport, then my camera smashing, but my dad dying, this is getting a little too much to handle.

People keep telling me things can’t get worse but somehow they do. Maybe I’ve broken a mirror that I don’t know about.

I have lots to say about my dad but I think that’s for me to keep close to my heart and this is as much as I’ll share with you at this time. Somethings you share with the world, like funny events, my misfortune and my wonderful travels around the world that I know I’m going to have at some stage in the future. Others you don’t.

I loved my dad and I’m glad that I’ve managed to spend the last few weeks with him. I’m going to see him tomorrow with my sister and then again at the funeral on the 29th May 2018.

I’ll make sure the rest of my family is ok before I head off to Spain in a months time. Then I’ll be given some of my dads ashes to scatter along the Camino.

So for now my blog will have a few weeks silence while I remember all the wonderful things about my dad and listen to peoples stories of him.

I’ll laugh, I’ll cry and I’ll grow that little bit stronger.

R.I.P. Phil Osborne

Love your eldest son, Chris.

My amazing Dad at Blackpool seafront

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