Looking for Puffins at North Landing

Back in May this year I went for a walk with my friend Ashley to North Landing to look for Puffins, which is a small sea bird with a coloured beak.

When we arrived we walked down to the beach and it looked like a nice spot to do a little snorkel but when I put my fingers in the water it was freezing. If you have a very thick wetsuit it might be possible. I found out my dad used to do going crabbing and dive for lobsters here or close by, I can’t remember who told me this I’m not 100% sure if this is true or not but I’d like to think so.

UK North Landing

While walking on the beach I spotted a little cave I just could not go past it without having a look inside. I thought it would be excellent for kids to makeup adventure stories about knights and dragons.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 9.41.43 pm

We managed to fine a few puffins floating on the water, which is what we came to see so I’m supper stoked as I’ve never seen them before only photo and painting of them.

UK North Landing 2

So after walking on the beach for a while we decided to walk up to the cliff tops to see if we could spot some more puffins nesting, unfortunately we didn’t spot any but spotted lots of other sea birds. They were floating on the water or wedged between rocks on very narrow ledges high up on the clifftops.

It looks like there is so much to do in north landing, you can go stand up paddle boarding, fishing from your blowup kayak, or snorkeling if you have a very thick wetsuit. You could take a tour on one of two fishing boats or just walk along the cliff tops and enjoy a bit of bird spotting.

Their are so many beautiful little coves with pebble beaches which I absolutely loved but were not very comfortable to sit on but had some excellent round pebbles, which are good to stack.


A little further around was a little cafe and Ashley and myself had an ice cream and a drink, we were going to have something to eat there but decide we wanted more than they had on offer and we also wanted a cider too.

School Friends

I had some excellent times with my school friends in England and they were very generous to drive me to local as well as far off places around England and Scotland.

They even picked me up from Airports and we have had lots of fun talking about old times.

Video of my walk on North Landing


4 thoughts on “Looking for Puffins at North Landing

    1. Yeah I needed to do something I love so I could take my mind off things so I have spent the last 4 days writing and editing my videos so now I have 4 post coming soon. I uploaded two videos to YouTube today also. I don’t have any new adventures just yet but I have the UK ones to write about.
      Thanks for reading and supporting me

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      1. If you need a good laugh we found a fellow countryman of yours that has a funny YouTube video about creating force fields! I laughed so hard I was crying. The guy has a beard ( if that helps).


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