My Home Seaside Town of Filey North Yorkshire

Now I’m back home in Australia I thought I would catch up on the backlog of videos and Blogs I have waiting to edit from my 5 month trip in Europe.

I thought I would start by telling everyone where I was born, in my little seaside town of Filey, North Yorkshire England. At the end of this blog there will be a short 6 minute video of my home town.

I’ll start by walking around Glen Gardens where I spot squirrels, look at some wooden sculptures and visit the boating lake where I used to paddle as a kid. This was my first introduction to canoeing and have since bought a few kayaks that I take out but not often enough.

I have also made a couple of kayaking videos which can be found here or on my YouTube channel. ChrisOsborneAdventures

While in Glen Gardens I run into my friend Darren who keeps me company for the next few hours as we walk around Filey seeing the sites and almost get blown off the top of Filey Brigg.

Just around the corner from Glen Gardens is Crescent Gardens, where there are lots of beautiful flower beds and a rotunda where brass bands play in summer. This is the hub for international food festivals a few times a year, where you can get all sorts of pies, scotch eggs, cheeses, craft beers and ciders. Also local arts and crafts, The even have a Steampunk festival here too.

This year 2018 the bike race Tour de Yorkshire passed through Filey and 1000’s of people came out to watch, unfortunately we missed it because dad was in a rush to get his dinner.

I stop to look at all the Filey hotels along The Crescent that have fantastic view of Filey Brigg, the beach and all the way out to Flamborough, were you can see the lighthouse on a night time.

I believe that my Granny Osborne used to work in some of theses in her younger years.


I then walk back through Glen Gardens and down Martins Ravine, which is a large bitumen path sloping down towards the beach. With towering trees on both sides of the ravine with many interlocking branches and large green leaves, these totally block out the sun and create a rather cool shaded walk down to the beach.

We have a hot chocolate and coffee at one of the local coffee shops on the seafront, before heading off to cobble landing where all the fishing boats are located and also the Filey Life boat.

The life boats out training so I’m not able to get any video of it, but did manage to find a photo from a few months ago.


It’s almost low tide so we walk out to the end of Filey Brigg as see if we can spot some seals, that my dad told me about and how they sun them selves on the end of Filey Brigg

I’m so pleased my dad was right there is seals at the end of Filey Brigg, unfortunately Its so windy it’s hard to hold the camera and get good video of the seals and small birds without camera shake madly in my hand.


We used the rough steps to climb to the top of Filey brigg and the wind is so much stronger here, Darren claimed it blow off all his hair, which mad me laugh a bit.


On the top of Filey Brigg you can look up the coast and see views of Scarborough and beyond. I’ve always loved walking on top of Filey Brigg and down on the beach to Bempton Cliffs. This is a nice easy flat walk along the beach, just walk it when the tides is going out so you have plenty of time to get back before high tide as you can get cut off a certain places.

There is also two walk that start on the top of Filey Brigg and they are the Yorkshire wolds way 79miles and the Cleveland Way 109miles



St Oswalds 12th century church is where I was christened as a child and its the oldest building in Filey. I’ve always liked walking around the grave yard looking at the old head stones as there is many different styles and sizes. Some of the grave stones have statues of Angels on top of them, and I drew one of them over 26 years Ago in pen and ink.


Now Walking down towards Filey Methodist Church, my head is filled with memories of my great granny Osborne, she used to take me to jumble sales to pick up jigsaws and cheap toys.

Filey War memorial gardens is another place my great granny Osborne used to take me as a kid to see the birds in the Averys, she used to have to drag me away from the birds. When I moved to Australia I bought my very own bird aviary and sent photos back to my Gran.

She uses to take me all over Filey and day trips out to Scarborough to walk along the sea front and play on the 2p slot machines, but thats another story for Scarborough Blog.

Further around the corner and on to Belle Vue St I waked down to Charlottes of Filey, Where Charlotte Brontë stayed here at Cliff House 1849 to 1852. I went into the Brontë Vinery and it’s was such a good atmosphere, the grapevine looked gorgeous and was full of grapes at the end of August. From the menu I ordered a hot chocolate and a Brontë burger which was very filling but way too much for me to eat.


I’ve only read one of the Brontë sister books, Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë who I was introduced to while I was visiting England and the Brontë theme started to pop up all over the place.

Even when I was in Jersey I spotted Brontë books and I have found out since they seem to have a big following all over the world.

More information look here at The Brontë Society Brontë Parsonage Museum, which I almost got to visit on my 2nd last day.


My Video of Filey, North Yorkshire My Home Town


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