Finally on My Australian Camping Road Trip

So after heartache, school holiday season and massive thunderstorms are over I’ve finally got on the road to start my Australian camping road trip.

I know I was supposed to be editing Scarborough my last day in England but that’s difficult story and will have to wait.

So I thought that I would start camping local just incase I forgot things, as it turns out I have, nothing major but a towel and sunscreen may have been nice to have. Also a chair to sit on and maybe something nice to drink on a night.

I was planning to check a few campsites out and drive further up the coast but my first campsite was such a nice spot by the beach and at $10 for two nights hard to resist.

The Norval Park campsite facilities are simple but sufficient, consisting of four table and benches, two of them under cover so I also have some place to sit and write my blog. There is also a two flushing toilets for the 11 camping areas.

50m and you can walk to the beach and into the sea, what more could you ask for in a basic beachfront campsite.

Norval Park
The storm that never came.

Once I got my tent and car sorted out I went wandering down the beach and spotted a very stormy sky, but for a change the weather was on my side and it all got blown out to sea.

Oh phone reception is intermittent depending where your located so blogging and social media maybe delayed a little.

So far I’ve seen some unbelievably colourful birds and butterflies. Kookaburras, lizards and a bush turkey. I wandered around last night after dark and managed to spot numerous Cain toads and a small wallaby. I love been surrounded by nature but as soon as the sun went down the mozzies came out in the thousands. I ended up putting my long pants an rain jacket on just to keep them at bay. I’ve since found out my mother left some insect spray in the car so I’ll try that tonight.

This is the first time trying all my new camping equipment out so I’m hoping things will turn out fine, I did find a little problem with the battery pack shutting down once the fridge got to its ideal temperature and stopped drawing power but I’ve sorted that one out.

I’m rather impressed with the fridge as it was running all night and only dropped the battery by 7%. In the morning the solar panels topped the battery back up in 2hr which I think was rather good. So I’m quite confident if I get lots of rain and overcast days I should still be able to run my fridge and other electronics.

Solar Panel charging my fridge and electronics

This morning after having my yogurt and fruit with an unbelievable sea view that was Instagram worthy, I then a cooked breakfast.

Breakfast with a view

I went for a walk up the beach and had a morning swim, well since I had the whole beach to my self I went skinny dipping. Now this is where I could have used the towel and sunscreen I forgot to pack. Not to worry things were packed away before they got burnt.

I arrived at a river which looked very inviting apart from the strong current into the sea and with nobody else around and my 2nd day camping I decided not to risk the swim and stay safe on dry land.

Well not totally safe as I manage to cut the top of my foot on some mangrove roots and get them sunburnt on the 1hr walk back to camp so double ouch.

Looking around there is some fantastic looking dead trees coming out of the sand and the shadows that they cast intrigue me so I ended up taking a few photos.

Love the shadows

I think on this trip I’m going to relax and try and take in as much of the environment as possible, get back to nature so to speak or rewilding as it’s called now. Well that probably won’t happen 100% as I like all my electronics and Netflix on a night. I guess sitting with a book is artificial stimulation too, so I’ll do both just to keep everyone happy.

I’m just blown away by these really colourful little birds, I’m going to have to pack my bird identification book, thanks to Olivia for identifying the Rainbow Bee-Eater

Rainbow Bee-Eater

One thing I really would like to pack and something I miss in ultimate relaxation, is a hammock. Next time I’m at the camping shop I’m going to get me a sea2summit hammock so I can fall asleep listening to the waves and the birds singing or read a book.

Just had a little rain and my awning held up fine, once I remembered what Darren told me about dropping one of the legs to make the rain run off.

Another thing I must get is a ground sheet to stop all the sand been brought into my swag tent, after only two days I could build a sand castle without leaving my bed.

I suppose I should be looking for my next campsite, where will my adventures take me next, I have no idea I’m only thinking as far ahead as dinner.

All in all a rather nice camp site but felt a little spooky at night time all by myself. Tomorrow maybe find a campsite with a few people.

Do you know of any Queensland free camping spots?

Video of my first two days camping


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