Boynedale Bushcamp Queensland

Well the next part of my adventures takes me up the coast about 1hr to a place called 1770. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t looking that fantastic, overcast and high winds and since this was a coastal town with some neat bike tracks for which I hadn’t brought my bike, as I was more interested in checking out my camping equipment and not so much activities.

So with that thought, I decided that I would come back at a later date, with Kayak and bike.

I thought I would check out the campsite anyway for future travels, this was way overcrowded so I drove to the information centre in search of better options and to continue on with my journey.

After about 20mins talking with the lady at the information centre, trying to give me lots of brochures of places I was not likely to visit she found a place in land that had simple camping.

After about 1hr or so I ended up at Boynedale Bushcamp situated right beside a lake, this was free camping for up to 7 days in any 30. I managed to get the last spot next to a table and bench, which was just what I needed as id forgotten my chair.

I set up my tent and managed to get the last 1hr of sunlight to put a little charge in my battery pack before cooking dinner.


Boynedale Bushcamp was a really nice spot with two seperate pit toilets and a few shaded structures some had table and benches, others didn’t.

This was a few mins from the highway but you couldn’t hear any of the traffic as it was behind a small hill. A large grassy field was the campsite and this was a change from camping on the sand the night before.

This seemed to be a magnet for grey nomads with there massive caravans, they were very friendly as they walked passed my tent and a few stopped for a chat.

Once I finished my dinner the sun was setting and the mosquitoes came out with vengeance, even after spraying the Aerogard they would find away to eat me alive. I changed into my long pants and rain jacked while I was packing away my cooking equipment. The little buggers were getting up my sleeves and into my hood biting my ears. I was dreading going to the toilet later on.

I got into my car and spent 1hr editing my video from the past two days then I retired to my tent to watch some Netflix.

While working on the house last week I managed to bruise or fracture my one of my ribs as its painful in two places. This intern has made camping a little difficult as I like to sleep on my side and not on my back.

Unfortunately my camping mattress isn’t that thick, if you have sore ribs it seems to be slightly uncomfortable and I’m also finding it difficult to sleep on a night. On average it takes me about 2 – 4hrs to get to sleep and I’m in a lot of pain in the process but this goes away if I’m walking around during the day.

Mr Google said it should be all sorted in about 6 weeks time, so don’t expect me to do any crazy active videos for awhile.

So with that reason I’m spending a couple of days back home to re stock the fridge, pack the things that I managed to forget last time and buy the things I don’t have.

Anyway even though the campsite was very nice, without my bike and kayak I didn’t venture that far afield.

I did however manage to sit and watched a bird stalk and catch fish for about half and hr and create a time lapse of the clouds.

Kayakers Dream


I also managed to find lots of uncomfortable ways to sit on the floor and lean against my car and car wheels while reading a book, I must remember my chair.

I moved over to the bench under the shade of a large tree to do a little editing. Unfortunately nature was out to get me again I was getting stung by mosquitoes and ants crawling up my shorts and biting me very close to intimate parts, where slapping to kill them is not an option.

Also having birds jump from branch to branch dropping crap on my computer screen along with tree sap. If you manage to spot a few typos then apart from my bad spelling its probably me chasing and trying to kill ants and spiders across my keyboard so I can write my blogs and edit my videos to keep my lovely readers entertained.

All said and done its better than working in a office doing a job I didn’t like anymore, So quitting my job for adventures is the way to go. Unless you have sore ribs.

What things have you forgotten on your camping trips?


2 thoughts on “Boynedale Bushcamp Queensland

  1. Forgotten fork, knife, spoon, bowl before…had to get very creative with my cooking and eating. Forgotten my towel before- that is an easy fix if you have other clothes or a blanket.

    That picture of the water made me want to be kayaking.

    A day out camping is better than any day in a office! Continue adventuring.


    1. That’s good I’m not the only one forgetting things. I found out a pencil rubber band and a paper clip re shaped makes for a fine fork when in an office on night shift.

      I should be back on the road again tomorrow for more adventures.

      I don’t plan on going back in an office for a while, that’s for sure.

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