About Chris Osborne Adventures

Hi I’m Chris Osborne Adventures, welcome to my adventure blog.

This year

I’m planning to drive The Big Lap, that’s driving around Australia in my recently purchased 4WD. Two weeks ago I did some training, now I’m just getting a few safety modifications then I’ll be on my way.

Last Year

I decided rather than reading about other peoples adventures, I’d start living my own.

I wanted more out of life than weekend trips and the occasional holiday, so I made a massive decision to quit my job and sell my house for adventure.

I’ve spent the last 6 months in Europe and walked 900km on the Camino de Santiago, Thats walking from France over the border and the entire length of Spain in 36 days.

Camino de Santiago 800km July 2018 only 100km left to walk

The Camino was an epic adventure and the people I met were truly amazing. I’ve slept out under the stars and eaten cherries under the Eiffel Tower.

My School friends have been the best and driven me all around Scotland and England visiting castle, lakes, museums and Harry Potter World.

I’m just about to start traveling around Australia again in my car and a swag, traveling from the sea to mountains, along the coast and inland across farms.

Where my life is right now!

Follow me as I travel around the world looking for happiness and adventure, while having an awesome time blogging and making videos for my family and friends all over the world.

I’ll write about kayaking, walking, hiking, bike packing and car camping as well as traveling to new and exciting places.

Sometimes I’ll get distracted and create videos for Guest houses in exchange for accommodation and food just to mix things up a little.

Anyway follow my YouTube Channel ChrisOsborneAdventures If you want to see more videos, or my Instagram to keep up to date.

Chris Osborne.


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