Mystery Craters and Sharon Gorge

The Mystery Craters

Well I thought I’d go for a short drive to explore The Mystery Craters, they are an unusual natural rock formation 20mins out of Bundaberg.

Mystery Craters
View from the raised platform

They were discovered by a zucchini farmer beneath a layer of silt and sand in 1971. Some of the craters hold water while others don’t.

There is a raised viewing area where you can look down on the craters and with the push of a button you are treated to an audio tour.

You can walk around the fenced off craters, which are full of little tadpoles.



The other features of the park are a fairy garden for the kids and a shed full of old machinery and lawnmowers. On the way out there is also a shop with souvenirs and refreshments and a rock, fossil and note collection.

Entry is $7.50 per adult.

As I was about to leave when the owner told me of a nice little walk about 10mins down the road.


Sharon Gorge

I stopped at the Sharon Gorge rest stop and made myself a few things to eat and a cold drink out of the fridge in the back of my car, I’m loving this new addition to my car.

After filling my stomach up with fuel I went for a short walk down Sharon Gorge to Burnett River.


I’m not sure how they classify a gorge but I was expecting something a little more substantial that a dried up creek.

Still it was a nice 15min walk down to the river and back, I managed to spot some very nice friendly butterflies and some not so very friendly mosquitos.

While I was trying to getting my camera to focus on this butterfly I ended up with 10 mosquito bites, I must remember to put insect repellent on up in Queensland.

10 mosquito bites for one nice photo

The track was a mixture of leafy path and boardwalks and had constant shad most of the way down to the Burnett River. Other than the mosquitoes I spotted lizards, bush turkeys, turtles, butterflies, spiders and a few small birds.

Easy board walking track
Bush Turkey

A nice little walk 15mins out of Bundaberg or 10mins from The Mystery Craters.


5 thoughts on “Mystery Craters and Sharon Gorge

  1. A refrigerator in your vehicle what a novel concept. I shall have to look into one. We have a lot of mosquito’s during the summer so my vehicle always has a can or two of bug spray in it, they can really ruin a hike. Great pictures and post 🙂


    1. Yeah this is my first time car camping and for extended time in the wilderness my friends recommended a fridge, 2nd battery and some solar panels to recharge. I’ve been testing things out and after 3 days with no top up from the solar panel the 120hr battery only dropped to 75% so I’ll easily get a week out of a fully charged battery. I’ll add a blog with all the details and links for you in the coming days as other people have been asking.
      It’s nice to have cold drinks and fruit each day.

      Liked by 1 person

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