Unexpected Stay at Platypus Bush Camp

I woke up and felt like driving more than camping today so I drove about 480km that’s just over a tank of petrol for my old car.

I’d arrive at a town I’d picked on the map but didn’t like the look of it so kept driving, I ended up doing this a few times, I decided to let my gut feelings decide where to stop tonight.

I saw a signpost for Kinchant Dam with a photo and I immediately said yes and followed the directions. I was starting to get a little tired but once I drove out there and parked there was so many speedboats and noise, something just didn’t feel right even though it looked like a wonderful place, I thought no not again, I just want some rest.

I typed in camping sites and over the other side of the dam Platypus Bush Camp popped up on google maps, I checked out his website and it looked like just what I needed.

Right I’m going to phone and get tonight’s bed sorted, Wazza answered and confirmed a spot for two nights. Excellent another 40mins later I arrived and after a quick look around I set up camp.

I’m so tired after driving I just want something to eat and an early night so I make dinner and crawl into bed.

I’m laying in my swag, I’m camped under a bunch of palm trees with the roof open so I can see the stars. As I look up I can see the silhouette of the palm trees and the first of the stars shining through. I see bats flying overhead, squeaking and there massive wings beating.

For the first time in my life I can see two fireflies flashing on and off as the pass above my head just outside my swag.

I close my eyes and listen to the foot falls of the bush turkeys and the thumping of a kangaroo I spotted by the creek earlier.

Geckos are calling to each other, as are cicadas. I can hear numerous frogs, one sounds like someone tapping Morse code.

Lizards are still making noise in the dry dead leaves, I can hear other insect noises which I can’t recognise, the wilderness is alive tonight and so are my senses.

Bats are eating and dropping berries and debris around my tent, crickets are singing to each other in waves.

About 50m away I can hear the water slowly flowing over rocks from platypus pool down to the swimming hole.

After about an hour of listening to nature’s orchestra and daydreaming I fall asleep.

In the morning I wake to the sound of so many birds, cockatoos, magpies, kookaburras just to name a few well thats what I recognise.

Time to have a shower, I’m told by the host just to go have a swim as it’s the same water anyway. So I head to the swimming hole place my towel on the rocks and strip down to my swimmers. I look around at the clear water but in the depths the water is black because of all the fallen leaves and you are unable to see the bottom which made me a little uncomfortable.

Once I edge myself in to the cool but not unreasonable water I wash down and watch fish swim around me and turtles look at me from afar. I swim under water and wash my hair as I come up Dragonflies and butterflies dart around my head.

I get out and soon return with a inner tube and float around for another 10 minuets soaking up the early morning sun and look up at the trees and the blue sky with only a few clouds.

I rather comically fall out of my inner tube as this seams the only way to get out of them. Then I towel dry myself and think today is a much better day.

After chilling out and reading a book for awhile I visit platypus pool and see what I can spot, a few fish, catfish and more fresh water turtles in various sizes. I’m told the platypus should be out around dusk or dawn.

Platypus Pool
Platypus burrows

Later another few people arrive and I have someone to talk to and we all head back around dusk for some platypus spotting. I spot eels and a kingfisher and a small egret but not the elusive platypus.

As we return to camp thousands of bats are flying over head and it seems so fitting this close to Halloween.

I return around 9pm with a torch and my video camera light determined to find the platypus but all I find is lots of small crayfish looking back at me and another few eels and lot and lots of bugs, in my mouth up my nose and a few in my eyes.

I return a little disappointed and fall asleep listening to nature once again, in the middle of the night it starts to rain a little so I’m running around trying to close all the zippers on my tent.

Early the next day my search continues but to no avail, maybe next time I visit I’ll find one, visit Platypus Bush Camp for more info.

I drive 2km up the road and go for a hike to visit a Wheel of Fire Waterfall in Finch Hatton Gorge, Queensland, the water is a little cooler than the swimming hole at the camp and the rocks are very slippery getting in and out. As I’m swimming and about to get out I come face to face with a goanna trying to get a drink, unfortunately once he sees me he retreats.

I manage to get out and take a few photos then head back down towards my car, on the walk back I startled a goanna and it runs up a tree and just stays there.

Time to move on, I drive down the coast but it gets darker and darker and the heavens open up and it pours down. I’m trying to outrun the rain but at 6pm I call it quits and cheat by checking into a caravan park cabin, after about 550km that’s enough for one day and I can’t be bothered setting a tent up in the dark when it’s pouring down.

Feeling much better today, nature and water seem to do that for me.

Road Trip Stats

Today 480km – Total 1025km

Have you accidentally come across a wonderful campsite or startled any animals that gave you a fright ?


7 thoughts on “Unexpected Stay at Platypus Bush Camp

  1. Wow! That lizard is huge!!! Are they dangerous? That would scare me! Platypus would be cool to see.

    Glad that you are feeling better and enjoying your road trip.

    Apologies if I am not reading or seeing your blog in the coming days, in the States for the ACA Leadership Conference. Via a stop in MN.
    Be safe and happy camping.


    1. I think they are harmless they have always run away from me, but their claws would give you some nasty cuts.
      Yeah I was a little disappointed I didn’t get to see any platypus.
      Yeah I’m doing better the last few days my feelings and moods come and go in waves.
      I think seeing new animals seems to help me more than views and mountains at the moment.
      Oh that Platypus Bush Camp is for sale the guy selling after 27yrs. It was a little too warm but was something I would love but I guess it would be full time and I’d never go anywhere. Still I wish I knew when I was there.

      Liked by 1 person

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