Captain Cook Monument and Paper Bark Trail

Well I thought it was good time I stretched my legs and headed away from the kangaroos. I was told about two short walk not to far away, so I got in my car and drove down the road.

Captain Cook Monument and the Round Hill Creek track.


First stop was the Captain Cook Monument, I’m not sure why but I was expecting at statue so was as little disappointed seeing this cairn. As I like the statute at Whitby, North Yorkshire in England.


This was a very short walk through the bush with glimpses of sea on the left hand side as you walk towards the head land.

I spotted a few black cockatoos in the trees and could hear them crying out but unfortunately I only had my iPhone with me.

As I was walking through the palm tree section I noticed it was so much cooler and darker but was also home to some rather annoying mozzies or sand flies, I still have not learnt to put bug spray on yet as I get out of the car and curse myself each time.

The walk was rather nice with a slight breeze coming off the sea, a few stairs but nothing much to worry about.

On drive towards this walk I did spot some locals selling fresh fruit and veggies and I must admit that I was thinking about this the whole walk and could’t wait to get back and purchase some fresh produce and have a good fruit salad tonight.

Paperbark Forest Boardwalk

My next walk had lots of fascinating paperbark trees, with a ghostly white colour and i’m thinking this would be an excellent walk on a full moon.

If I was staying around for a little bit longer I would have come back with a torch and my video camera to see what nocturnal creature are around.

There are two sections with stepping stones which requires some balance and is lots of fun for small children as I saw a dad trying to juggle 3 kids at once over them.


The rest is board walk as the name implies, and you can spot small lizards sunning themselves.


I also loved the ferns and the way they caught the early morning sun.


On the way out I met a ranger with a box containing burrowing cockroaches which are the heaviest in Australia. He let me hold one and I could not believe the spikes in its legs, I didn’t think to get a photo, sorry. He was setting up for a school group which were just arriving as I was heading out of the park.

Its good to see school groups visiting national parks and learning about the environment and nature. It’s good to getting hands on experiences with bugs that are the size of their little hands.

I got excited about this walk because it was supposed to take 45mins, but I didn’t see the length of 400m and it only took around 15mins complete including taking photos.

Back at my camp

I spent another night taking photos with the Kangaroos which was so much fun, again and one just kept following me around all afternoon.

Just had a bit of bad luck and trapped my thumb in the car door, not a good end to the night. On the up side my ribs are much better and I can now sleep on either side.

Thank you to those people from social media chatting to me on a night time and giving me support on my adventures, and offering me places to stay.

Road Trip Stats

Today 30km – Total 1843km


6 thoughts on “Captain Cook Monument and Paper Bark Trail

  1. We went to that Captain Cook memorial and had a nice walk not long after we arrived here. Glad you are enjoying the trip these last few days, good to see love. Glad those ribs are healing now. We had a busy weekend, but they are starting the kitchen on Friday so we will be in a mess so will be closed for about a week I think. Looks peaceful near the river, your photos look abit like the Blue Mountains.


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