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Stress of Car Camping

Well I’m not sure if I have mentioned before that the one thing about car camping is trying to find accommodation each night, it really bugs me. I’m trying to relax and be one with nature but I was finding at the end of each night I was stressing about where I was going to pitch my tent the next day.

I bought a book with the understanding that there was lots of free camping spots, as it turns out if your in a caravan or motor home your fine but not if your in a car and want to pitch a tent.

That leaves national parks, and state forests, which a lot of them you need a proper 4WD which mine isn’t. Bottom of the list is caravan parks, which I’m trying to avoid because people are way too close together and you don’t seem to get the nature feel which I’m looking for.

Also I though staying at a place for multiple nights that should also bring the stress levels down 50% as I only have to worry about finding accommodation every other night.


A site kept popping up on my facebook called adventures on private land. Eventually it got the better of me and I thought I should check it out. 

It’s just what I needed, aimed at farmers to make some extra cash by renting out a small part of their land for campers to pitch a tent, caravan or motor home depending what they can offer and suitability of their land.

So I joined up and booked in my first two nights accommodation, Wow what can I say for $10 a night plus a few extra admin fees it was well worth it.

Bucca Homestead

I was met at the gate by the host on a 4 wheel motorbike and followed her down to the river where I was to camp for the next two days.

The location was perfect, I got to camp right next to a picturesque river surrounded by trees and the seclusion alone was well worth it, I just wish I had brought my kayak with me.

I could just relax sit back with a cool drink and enjoy listening to the wildlife after I’d chosen where to park and set up my tent and solar panels.

Imaging waking up with views like this.

There was a pit toilet and everything else you had to bring in yourself, oh and if you wanted some food and a drink you could always drive a few km up the road to the local Bucca Pub.

For me it was a good opportunity to tone my video skills and really think about what I was filming. I enjoy telling stories as I go out on a bush walk or kayaking trips, which I haven’t seem to find with this camping trip just yet.

I get a little self conscious about talking in front of the camera so this was a good opportunity to practice. This is about my 6th take just trying to say a simple thing like “tonight looks like were going to have a beautiful sunset”.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 7.49.54 am
Trying to get my lines right
Sunset on my second night

I spent the whole day exploring and filming dragonflies, birds and the landscape, for something different I ventured out at night. This wasn’t that successful as the video camera light just attracted so many bugs and even in long pants and my rain jacket and hat I still managed to get eaten alive.

The next day after breakfast and got a bucket of water from the river, stripped off in the sun and had a shower using my camping towel, it was quite exhilarating just been natural in the elements.

It was way to hot for blogging so I decided to make a water filter using a bottle, charcoal, sand and fine pebbles. The result was rather successful creating almost clear water. I think a little more tissues to stop the fine particles of charcoal coming through and it would be perfect. This is only to get the water clean I would still boil the water for a good 5mins.

If I have time I’ll write the notes and show a short video on how I built the water filter.

I had a nice relaxing stay at the Bucca Homestead and would recommend staying here or using to book your next camping trip as I’m sure going to do over the next few months.

I think that waking up with views of the river each morning is an excellent way to start the day.

What are the best views you have had from your tent in a morning ?

Video of Camping Trip

My Current Australian Road Trip

Road Trip Stats

Today 107km – Total 1950km


10 thoughts on “Camping at Bucca Homestead through

  1. Chris- looks like a perfect place to do some great work. I have limited WiFi right now but hope to watch the video once I am home. What do you do to have courage to do something outside your norm? I am nervous as heck about this kayak weekend. To the point of being sick. Any tips?


    1. Yes it was a nice place to do video work but way to hit and windy to do any editing. So I’m back at mums for a few days. Somehow got talked into doing more work by ripping up the kitchen floor tiles, only a few cuts and bruises and hurt my ribs again but only slightly.
      Not sure I’m one for courage I have doubts about some walks and wondering if I could complete the 900km of the Camino when I started. If you take it one day at a time or incase of a kayak one km at a time. If you have food water and all your safety gear things should be all good.


      1. Thanks- I double checked the list and have food water and tons of safety equipment. The US Coast Guard will be there so why should I worry? Only that I have never been ocean kayaking, that these guys all have level 4 experience! Heck… what is the worst that could happen? Nice of you to do your mums floor. I bet she is happy to have a son who is so helpful.


      2. Good luck, I’ve only been in the ocean once and that was in a double kayak, that’s what got me hooked on kayaking in the first place. I’d love to do a little more training at one stage to as I also want to move up from river kayaking to ocean kayaking and maybe get a new kayak.
        One day.
        Hope everything works out fine as your my number one WordPress fan lol
        Yeah I’m a good son always helping out. Becoming a very good handyman. Can do plastering and ceilings now too.

        Liked by 1 person

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