My Mums Bed & Breakfast Dunelm House

Well I’ve just had a few days off camping to stop off at my mums bed and breakfast Dunelm House to drop off a few things that I wasn’t using on my camping trip.

I purchased a new table because my old one kept collapsing on me and two 10lt water bottles as a single 20lt was just a bit to much to move around the car.

I managed to catch up on my blogging and create a video which I was having trouble with while camping because it was so hot out side.

Dunelm House Renovations

So while I was at mums I help with the kitchen renovation by pulling up all the floor tiles which was good fun apart from smashing my shins twice and cutting my wrist on the tiles.

Ripping up the floor

Chucking all the rubbish in the bin was a little bit off effort in the heat, but I guess I have to earn my keep while I’m at mums.

Lots of trips down the stairs

So proud of of my parents and all the improvements they have made to Dunelm House in the past 8 Months.

They have re carpeted all the bedrooms and installed flatscreen Tv’s, Built an outdoor entertainment area, updated the pool area and now are putting in a new kitchen. Also they have painted most of the house inside and out.

Dunelm House Bed & Breakfast

Take a look at my mums B&B just incase your in the Bundaberg region and would like some accommodation when you come to see the turtles lay their eggs or hatch over summer.

The Fraser Room_50The Hinkler Room_50The Jenkins Room_50The Morton Room_50

Have a game of chess or relax with a port in the lounge room.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 8.11.45 am

While your here you can relax by the pool have a BBQ or watch movies on the outside entertainment area.


Give them a call now on 07 4159 0909… or visit the web site



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