15hr Drive to The Blue Mountains

I woke up to the sound of grass been munched upon outside my tent in the Green Mountain campground. The curiosity got the better of me and I unzipped the tent flap and to my surprise this little guy was looking back at me.


After breakfast I packed all my camping gear up and headed over to the board walk one last time to see if I could spot the green catbird and do a little more filming. I managed to spot some very colourful birds and witness some amazing bird calls but not the green catbird.

I was not sure of my destination just yet so I just put Grafton into google maps a few hrs away.

I drove down the twisty mountain road which was so much fun to drive up but not as fun on the return journey out of the Lamington National Park.

I arrived at Grafton and went into the shopping centre to stretch my legs and stocked up on more supplies for the next week.

I still had no idea where I was going to camp but thought Coffs Harbour would be a good choice, unfortunately it was raining so I changed my plans after stopping for 10mins and entered a new destination in google maps.

A few hrs later at Port Macquarie I got the same result, yet more rain and it was getting heavier, I was now only about 4hrs from Sydney so after a short break I just kept driving.

The rain was so heavy it was pooling as I was driving over the Hawkesbury Bridge that I had to slow down to 30kmph water was spraying either side of the car, it felt like a slow motion TV commercial.

I was thinking about stopping but I’d just passed the rest stop so that gave me no option but to keep going. Luckily the rain eased and I thought, well I’m awake now I may as well just push on and do an extra 1hr.

I arrived at the base of the Blue Mountains where I used to live and thought about parking in Glenbrook National Park car park as the entrance would be closed at 11pm.

I could feel the pull of the mountains getting stronger so I just had to drive further up into the clouds.

After I drove another 40mins I was finally running out of steam and the more I gained in altitude, the more the fog got thicker. Just before Wentworth falls I turned off and thought 5 more mins and I can park the car and finally go to sleep.

I drove slowly along kings tableland road in now very heavy fog I could only see a few meters down the road.

Finally I arrived at the abandoned Queen Victoria Hospital, the rain was steady and a wombat run out in front of me as I was parking the car. I drove under a few trees and turned off the engine and the lights, it was pitch dark only my phone gave off any light.

It was almost deadly silent apart from the irregular raindrops falling off the trees leaves and drumming on the cars roof.

I laid back sighed and closed my eyes and thought finally I can get some rest.

No… I swear I could hear voices, then the thought of sleeping outside an abandoned mental hospital got the better of me. I looked around and could see nothing in the darkness, I opened the car door and could feel an uncomfortable chill in the air and I got major goosebumps all over.

Screw this, I started the engine up, reversed and made my escape before the ghosts got me. My heartbeat now racing I kept driving for another 10mins where I knew there was a happy place in Leura with nice large friendly trees and some street lights.

This is my happy place in the day time.


As soon as the car was turned off the temperature dropped so I put my rain jacket around my legs as I was still in shorts and placed my warm winter jacket around my upper body. I put some earplugs in to drowned out the rain drops and any voices that may or may not be here as well.

After 15hrs and almost 1000 km drive I fell asleep for 4.5hrs until dawn.


Have you ever been so creeped out you just have to leave a location ?


3 thoughts on “15hr Drive to The Blue Mountains

  1. Yup- creeped out on a volunteer project one summer a few years ago. Never had a ghost experience before and this one was creepy to the point where in the middle of the night I packed my truck and left the site. Then slept in my truck next to a river until dawn. When I returned to the worksite and told my story to one of the other volunteers he was pissed I hadn’t woke him up to leave too. I guess I was selfishly thinking of myself. I have volunteered at the place two other times since but I will not sleep on location!


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