Hiking With The Camino Training Group

So I’m back in the Blue Mountains, working on a video filming and editing project for a guest house, Glenella in exchange for accommodation. This means I’m out of the cold, wind and rain for a few weeks, but that another story for another day.

Glenella is involved with the Camino and once a month they have short training walks around the Blue Mountains. I decided to walk with four ladies for a 9km hike along Braeside Trail to Govetts Leap Lookout and along Popes Glen Walk back to Glenella.

This was a fairly flat hike along a graded road to start with, along Braeside Trail where we spotted a few Waratah’s the NSW state emblem.


I was enjoying my new backpack which was good but still keep forgetting to pack things as the pocket arrangement is a little different from my old pack. An example is my first aid kit won’t fit in the smaller hip pockets so now I have to find another place for it.


We soon came across some stepping stones across Govetts Leap Brook and more photo opportunity surrounded by lots of ferns.


We continued walking beside Govetts Leap Brook along a small track with lots of tree roots to trip over as most of us had some kind of trip. The gum trees were all smooth having shed there bark in the recent months. Lots of the native flowers were in bloom and butter flies were fluttering by or what ever butter flies do.

We stopped at Barrow Lookout that looks back towards Govetts Leap Falls and out into the valley with magnificent views of the Blue Mountains. I had to stash my hat in my backpack because of the wind, I was not about to loose it over the huge drop down into the valley.


We followed the Cliff Top Track back to Govetts Leap Lookout where there was a well needed toilet stop after this we went looking for a place to eat our lunch.

We thought we found a place called the beach but were in the wrong place, as it turns out whenever we found a suitable place the wind would pick up.


The girls found a nice rock to sit on and have some lunch with beautiful views into a gully. I opted for a more shady spot to have my lunch.


After filling our bellies we continued walking along Popes Glen Walk back towards Blackheath, I must have tripped over about 3 tree root in a matter of meters, for some reason I must have had someone else feet on today.

It was nice to walk with a nice group of ladies from different backgrounds and chat about all things hiking, photography and the possibility of more walks in the future. I told them of my idea of filming the grand canyon at night and this seem to spark the interest of a few of the photographers in the group. Other were interested in doing the walk but on a weekend during the day time.


The ladies made a rough plan to hike the 6ft track in July or August which was ages away and a little too forward planning as I don’t know what I’m doing next week never mid half a year away. Its always good to make plans and something like a hike with new friends is an excellent idea to keep you motivated.

We got back to Blackheath a littler earlier than expected so walked across the road to a cafe where we all consumed more calories than we had walked off, which is probably good for me since I have lost about 11kg in the last 6months.

Back at Glenella in the cinema room I did a little talk and showed two of my Camino videos, that went down so well that they asked for more trips, so I showed one I just edited the night before at Kanangra Walls in the high wind.

All in all an excellent short hike with a wonderful bunch of ladies and some excellent photo opportunities as you can always come away from the Blue Mountains with spectacular photos.

It was also a good opportunity to hand out some of my business cards to get some new followers to Chris Osborne Adventures, what more could you ask for.


2 thoughts on “Hiking With The Camino Training Group

  1. Sounds like you are doing ok, Brian and I did a nice walk today to Dripping Rock and The Overhang at Cania Gorge, we also stopped at a tunnel full of Bats. we went out with the team from the Information Centre great day


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