Difficult Hike Dunns Leap Mount Victoria

Having a rest from video editing I decided to walk over to the local markets where I met a wonderful gentleman called Keith, who has written pocket guides on bush walking.

He asked me if I was into hiking, which my response was a yes with a big smile, I said I’d probably done all the walks in his books as I’d been hiking in the mountains for years.

He said “I bet I can find a hike you haven’t done” pulling out the big guns he showed me a hike that wasn’t on my maps. I don’t think he was playing fair.

After a good conversation about hiking tracks I bought his pocket guide and promised him I’d hike it and make a video in the next few days.

Great Walks at Mount Victoria, by Mountain Mist Books


Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 5.20.05 pmSo the very next day I decided to keep my promise to Keith and try and complete Dunns Leap Hike and create a video.

I arrived at the Fairy Bower Picnic Area parked the car and got my new backpack out of the car. Time to up grade my hiking skills to a little off track stuff.

I started at the Fairy Bower Walking track, which was just stunning, the bright green leaves of three different types of ferns just caught the sunlight and had to bed photographed.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 5.08.09 pm

I was looking at Keith’s pocket guide and noticed a few things that a hadn’t seen when I hiked Fairy Bower last year on the way to Cox Cave. That was the White Lady a carving in a large rock of a lady. Unfortunately the sun was creating lots of shadows so it was difficult to see in the photo I took.

The next interesting carving that I did manage to photograph was The Odd Couple 1912.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 5.20.52 pm
The Odd Couple 1912 

I must say this became an interesting walk now I had a little history and some things to look for.

I finally got to the start of Dunns Leap track and was a little concerned about the sign stating this was not a through track. Keith promised me it could be done if I followed the ribbons and coke cans pinned to the walls.

Dunns Leap

So I followed the pink and blue ribbons and the odd coke can pinned to trees and got deep into the forest.

I crossed over bridges, fell over a few times, hiked very close to the cliffs edge and managed only to walk off the track a few times. This was a difficult track to follow if you didn’t have a sharp eye for the pink ribbons.

I must say though it was an enjoyable hike and fun squeezing between undergrowth and under a few overhangs.

I may have to go back as I was too busy looking for pink ribbons and I missed Pig Head Rock and would like a good photo of the White Lady.

After a few hrs I came to the climbers steps and hiked up some very steep steps to Hornes Point Lookout, where I had some lunch and tucked into my chocolate supply.


So a big thank you to Keith and his pocket guide to Great Walks at Mount Victoria.

Enjoy The Video of My Hike


8 thoughts on “Difficult Hike Dunns Leap Mount Victoria

    1. Yeah I must admit, hiking and getting lost seems to bring the best out in me. I can’t take all the credit it’s talking to wonderful people and sharing experiences through my blogs YouTube and Instagram.
      Also having positive feedback back after posting a video makes me want to explore and film more.
      I’ve only seen one snake this year and that was in Queensland so I’m sure your happy I wasn’t quick enough to capture it on film.


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