Chevallan Archery Park Camping

So the past few weeks I’ve been camping at Chevallan Archery Park and this blog is about the camping side of things not the archery.

I’ve found it such an excellent experience that I managed to talk myself into creating videos and helping out so I could stay even longer.

It has all the things that anyone would need in a private campsite, lots of space to camp with lush green grass, flushing toilets, hot showers, power outlets, and also a kitchen. It has shaded areas under bamboo to keep you cool throughout the day. There is also shade sails with tables and chairs when you can sit and enjoy your meals.

I booked through YouCamp, which is a website that promotes farmers and people with large blocks of land to rent them out to campers. So far I’ve found all the places I’ve stayed at very good. Well I’ve only been to two places so far, but its much safer option in my opinion than a state forest.

When I wasn’t working I managed to catch up on some reading, as I still have 43 books outstanding and I’m trying to make a dent on them this year.


Just sitting down and taking time out to relax a little is my main goal for this month. Which reminds me I must buy a hammock as siting in a chair and resting my feet on the ground seems a good idea but the bloody ants got me about 4 times. This doesn’t sound like much but these ones sting for about 1hr then become itchy the next few days.

I seem to have my car and campsite organised and a little routine happening each morning when I wake. First thing is to get my solar panel out so I can charge up all my electronics using the first sun rays of the day.

I then make my breakfast, omelette flowed by yogurt and fruit, then I take my rubbish to the bin, and pop into the toilet to collect the frogs, then take them back down to the creek, where they belong.

I then go for a shower, which I’ve found if I take a bucket with me I can use the first cold lot of water to fill up the bucket do my washing in later.

I then walk back, hang my washing out, clean my teeth and get ready for the days adventures.

Camp set up with washing and solar panels on red tarp

I have been amazed by the amount of wildlife at the archery park, each day different birds seem to pop in looking for bugs or to eat the grass seeds. Down by the dam you will find a variety of water birds. I’ve also spotted rabbits, kangaroos and geese with babies.

Anyway this all makes for an interesting video which I have made for Gary and Tam to promote their camping at Chevallan Archery Park as a thank you for letting me stay, relax and unwind in the wonderful Queensland weather.

Well most of the time, some days I had intermittent showers which made it a little hard to edit and keep my blogs up to date, but this produced some vibrant rainbows which I managed to capture, anyway enjoy.


My Video on Chevallan Archery Park Camping.


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