Rainbows in The Mist


This was a highlight for me, showing my twin cousins around the blue mountains, unfortunately they brought the bad English weather with them and no matter where we traveled around Australia For the next month the rain seems to have followed them.


First stop Govetts Leap in the Blue Mountains with spectacular views into the valley when I’m showing other people around.


More mist and rain as we walk around to pulpit rock lookout.


Despite the rain we were treated to a spectacular bright rainbow, the first one I’ve seen on my walks in the blue mountains.

I always take a rain jacket with me just incase, today I got to use it. Fun fact… I’ve never owned an umbrella, I’ve sometimes used others but never owned one I like my rain jackets and pants.

Rainbow Header

I’m feeling embarrassed about the weather as my cousins were promised clear skies and hot sun.


Lots of water in the creeks and the waterfalls were putting on a beautiful display spilling out into the valley.


It was looking very Jurassic with all the ferns around and I was expecting to see a dinosaur pop it’s head up out of the mist.

With all the excitement I forgot to take a photo at Pulpit Rock Lookout, it’s a spectacular Rock with lots of metal steps running down the length.

Pulpit Rock on a sunny day

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