Alexandra Park Zoo and Botanical Gardens

After the wedding everyone drove or flew back up to Bundaberg, I was planning to go down the coast via the snowy mountains but I was enjoying been with my UK relatives so much I packed the car and drove the 1400km back up to Bundaberg to spend another week with them.

This time I did the smart thing and split the drive into two days.

Alexandra Park Zoo

This zoo is only small and not far from the town centre of Bundaberg, the best part is it’s completely free. At the entrance are a couple of lace monitors or also known as goannas.


Detail of powerful claws

An animal I like but not sure I trust it because of its shifty eyes.

The zoo also houses small lizards, snakes, dingos, parrots, monkeys, wallabies.IMG_0865

Bundaberg Botanical Gardens

Today we decided to kerb our spending and see how much we could do for free, so off we went to the Botanical Gardens.

I splashed out and purchased 3 bags of turtle food for $1.5 which was good value for 15mins worth of entertainment.


The turtle food was enjoyed by the turtles and various birds as well as large eels.

Feeding the swamp hens was a little painful with their sharp beaks, however the ducks rounded beaks tickled as they fed off our hands.

One of my best photos this year I think

We went for a walk around the lake among lots of sunbathing lizards of various shapes and sizes. Waiting for you to get within close proximity to take a good photo before running away at lighting speed, leaving you with nothing but a photograph of leaves.

The lizard I was trying to photograph jumped into the water and I managed to capture it while it was observing me from a safe distance. The zoom 40x zoom on my little compact Cannon is perfect for the job.

Any way the botanical gardens visit was cut sort again dew to the heavens opening up and soaking us to the skin. I blame this on the twins as its not stopped raining since they arrived. This will be a running joke over all the Bloggs that my cousins are mentioned in.

Unfortunately Janet wasn’t able to change the gears in her walking stick and as a result she got soaked in the down poor. I ran back to the car to try and retrieve an umbrella for her but since mum had the car keys I got just as wet waiting for her to unlock it.

Janet looked up at me with sad eyes, sodden hair with raindrops steaming up her glasses saying “its a bit #$%^ late now.

I don’t know, It’s the thought that counts.

Ahh family you can love them or drowned them, she’s a source of amusement for me and one of my biggest blogging fans.

Well maybe not now…. haha

Love you..

Bundaberg Botanical Gardens a nice place to take the kids for free, well 50c for turtle food. A large variety of birds and lizards to photograph.


4 thoughts on “Alexandra Park Zoo and Botanical Gardens

  1. Hi Chris, I enjoy so much reading and looking at your photo’s, but you already know that. I think that over the years we have become quite close and I love watching you paint. Keep up the good photo’s.
    Love Janet xx

    I have to tell you how much I appreciated you coming down at the crack of dawn and wishing me a safe journey home, it really moved me to tears that somebody thought so much of me to do that.



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