Fraser Island 4WD Beauty Spots Tour

I managed to tag along on my uncles and my parents family holiday as an extra. All I had to do was pay for my ferry, tours, food and some drinks.

We caught the ferry from Harvey Bay to Fraser Island which took around 45mins, Arriving around 4pm.

We unpacked, had a look around the resort, booked a tour for the next day then headed to the beach where we watch the sun go down.


A dingo comes wandering up the beach with a stunning sunset backdrop leaving him in silhouette, it walked right past mum and my aunty then did a poo on the beach, turned around and went back from where it came.

Beauty Spot Tour

An early start and we were off on the 4WD bus out along the beach, this was a fun packed day with lots of sights that included.

  • Gorgeous Lake McKenzie.
  • Central Station and Wanggoolba Creek.
  • Pile Valley’s awe-inspiring Satinay and Brush Box forests.
  • 75 Mile Beach’s famous highway.
  • The Maheno shipwreck and the coloured sands of The Pinnacles.
  • The relaxing fresh waters of Eli Creek.

Added to this for $80 we took off from the beach in a plane and circled around a few of the fresh water lakes and over the Maheno shipwreck before landing back on the beach in front of Eli Creek.


I just love how much fun my uncle Paul and be sometimes, always pulling face. This one as we were coming into land on the beach.

Our family took up the whole plane
The Maheno Shipwreck
Dead Sea Snake

The bus driver spotted this Dead Sea snake on the beach, one of the many things that can kill you in Australia.

We managed to go for a walk through a rainforest and there was some magnificent strangler figs. The mozzies were out in force and attacked anything that wasn’t cover up.


I was at the back of the group taking photos and talking to a nice lady as it turned out came from Bargara only a few mins from my mums place. Any I got to the bus and the driver was calling for us to get on and I noticed that the lady hadn’t come back yet.

So feeling a little concerned I run off back down the track to find out where she had gotten to. Everyone on the bus was looking at me as I took off like a flash, I don’t think the bus driver heard me say there was someone missing.

Anyway he gave chase and was going nuts shouting at me to get back on the bus. I caught up with the lady and around the red faced driver looked at me and I called back, err you missed one.

The lady thanked me for coming back for her and said I saved her life, which I laughed at as I only stopped the bus driver from taking off without her.


We then were able to go for a swim in Lake Mckenzie, unfortunately because of the high cloud cover it didn’t look as stunning as the photos I took about 17yrs ago.

After our swim we dried off and were given tea and cookies and around the picnic are I spotted two goannas. I love my lizards and managed to snap this nice photo.


The beauty spots tour was well worth the price and a full day.

Video coming soon


11 thoughts on “Fraser Island 4WD Beauty Spots Tour

  1. Brilliant photos Chris, as always, you mentioned Lake McKenzie from 17 years ago, I am sure that was the time I was in Australia and we all went to Lake McKenzie. Try and remember, ’cause my memory is not too good these days. Xx


  2. Fraser Island is beautiful! I remember my visit on my first time over de Aussie. Thanks for sharing about your Fraser adventure.
    Good on you for going back for the missing lady. Always comforting to know there are people looking out for other people 🙂


    1. Well when the driver did a head count and got a different result 5 times before we set off I had my doubts wether he would miss anyone.
      It’s such a beautiful place I would love to go back for more hikes.
      When did you come over, are you planning on coming back?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh boy, that doesn’t sound good! Glad in the end everyone was accounted for!

        My first time to Aus was late October 2002-early April 2003. Since then, I’ve been back twice (2005 and around NYE 2011/2012), albeit for shorter periods of time. I do plan to come back, just not sure when. Would love to see more of NT (e.g. I haven’t been to Darwin) and probably heaps more. 🙂


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