Fraser Island McKenzies Jetty Walk

McKenzies Jetty Walk

This was the second walk of the morning after meeting up with my relatives down by the pool. I left Kingfisher Bay Resort this time with 4 people in tow, out along the boardwalk under a little sprinkle of rain.


This time we were hoping to see some dingos somewhere along the beach, but this was not to be.


The sun made a brief appearance and I managed to take a few shots of trees along the beach which may be included in a painting one day.

This was a slightly longer walk of about 6km along Great Sandy Strait with beautiful views out to sea. The water was so calm but the sand was a little hard to walk in as you seemed to sink a few inches with each step.

We came across an old boiler on the beach which made a good photographic subject and an awesome cubby house if you were a kid, I enjoyed walking through it.


View from inside the boiler
Bottle I found

I managed to find an old bottle on the beach in perfect condition, which I’m rather pleased about. I almost lost it to a waitress eagerly cleaning up the table and had to ask for it back. Apparently it can fetch $75 on eBay.

A little further up the beach we came to McKenzies Jetty, which was used in the logging trade and apparently they may have been fond of Schnapps but not the bottles.

McKenzies Jetty


The boys returned via the in land route and the girls walked back along the beach as they were only wearing thongs, the foot wear not the underwear type.

We got eaten alive with so many mozzies it was impossible to stop and take any photos of the WWII Commando Centre.

I did however snap a few pics of some of the old cars between mozzie bites further along the walk.


Walking back along the cliff top with views of the ocean was rather nice and the sun was starting to make more of an appearance and with glimpses of the jetty, we knew the resort was not far off.


An excellent walk but remember plenty of water and don’t forget the bug spray.

We were soon back at the Kingfisher Bay Resort sipping cocktails and swimming in the pool.


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