Newell Beach Coconuts

On my first morning staying at my uncles place his brother Steven takes me for a walk along the beach because he knows how much I love walking and wants to show me his beach.

As we walk along the coconut lined beach at 7 am its turning into such a beautiful morning. There is a slight breeze that manages to keep most of the sandflies away.

Sand has been replaced because of high seas

Steven talks about all the sand that has been imported because of all the storm damage the high seas have done to the coast line. You can see a two meter high bank of sand has been trucked onto the beach.

I love the warm weather and the coconut laden coconut trees, he tells me that we can get some of the coconuts on the way back, which I’m secretly excited about.

Each tree has so many coconuts but they are way too high to get down without climbing them or some kind of rope.


We walk for ages so it must be a good few kilometres along the beach, I’m promised a night of fishing by a camp fire on the beach by the end of the week. I’m a little worried about this because of all the signs warning you about the presence of crocodiles in the are. Apparently the caught a croc the other week that was over 3m.

We get to the end of the beach because its cut off by a creek, unfortunately no crocodiles have been spotted.

We also spot coconuts that have started to seed themselves and I’ve never seen this before.

Coconut seeding itself

Turning around we head back and retrace our steps, I find a large stick on the beach and use this to try and knock the coconuts out of the tree.

We come to one of the lowest coconut trees and try and smash the coconuts off, its hard work and we don’t seem to knock any off. I must admit that most of my sticks didn’t hit there targets.

We choose another tree and have better luck this time and knock one of the large coconuts to the ground with a big thud. I’m a little worried as I shake the coconut and can’t hear any milk inside.

Steven finds a coconut on the ground and this one has the sound of coconut milk inside, so we take this as well.

Left my coconut – Right Stevens

Once were home I attack Stevens coconut with a machete and a screwdriver and this only produces a bunch of maggots and a rather bad smell and is thrown into the bin.

Feeling a little deflated after all my hard work I get cracking at my coconut. I remove the outer husk and am left with the hard coconut.

One swift crack with the machete and I slightly crack the coconut, this one seems to smell of coconut, which is a bonus. I run back inside as I’m over excited and almost knock my uncle flying as he’s at the sink washing something up.

I come back with a small bowl to collect the coconut juice and then split the coconut in half.

Outer husk of a coconut

The coconut juice tastes amazing and the flesh is so soft its incredible to eat. My uncle tells me not the eat too much because his friend ended up in hospital after eating a full coconut.

Fresh coconut is the best

I later find out that this guy has also been admitted to hospital 3 times for over eating sweets and something else. So I think I may have been cheated out of eating a perfectly good coconut.

I must admit that I’ve always wanted to collect and eat my own coconut, and today I got that chance, thanks to my uncles.

Is there something  you’ve always wanted to eat but haven’t had the opportunity yet ?


One thought on “Newell Beach Coconuts

  1. Don’t think there is anything I have ever wanted to try and eat, I am a very fussy eater so I would be very wary of something that I had never eaten. Keep up the photo’s and blog, I just love reading about your escapades. xx


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