Exploring the Daintree Rainforest

Just 33km away from my uncles is the world renowned Daintree Rainforest, which is the oldest continually surviving tropical rainforest in the world.

Our first stop was at the Daintree River where we had to cross by car ferry, apparently some one had been taken and killed by a crocodile here only a few weeks ago. So maybe it’s safer not to get too close to the waters edge or maybe just stay in your car.


A pair of swallows that make the ferry their home and can be seen flying over the water while you’re waiting inside your car to be transported over the Daintree River.


Just on the other side of the river someone was having a garage sale, which Steven couldn’t resist, he ended up buying some more fishing gear.

We then continue driving some amazingly beautiful lush tropical rainforest roads that are extremely bendy, ferns and palms can be seen overhanging the road and you’re almost driving through a living tunnel.

We arrive at a spectacular lookout and you can see that this tropical rainforest reaches all the way down to the sea and the great barrier reef.


Next stop a little swimming hole that’s not marked on a map, well I didn’t have one so it could have been. The water was so clear that the fish seemed to be flying rather than swimming.


Tom decided that he wanted a swim so stripped down to his swimmers and went in, I saw the whites of his eyes when he cool water reached his shorts and decided that the water was a little two fresh for me so I opted out and just took photos of fish.

Further round the corner I was taken to an aboriginal female swimming hole, where we definitely could not swim. The water was such an amazing blue colour my photos don’t do it justice.


Next stop was to see one of Stevens friends that has collected bugs from all over the world and has them on display for visitors to see in his home.


At the back of his property was a creek and had lots of jungle perch swimming around, again the water was so clear.


Surprisingly I only got bitten a few time, while taking photos of the fish, I just wish that I had brought my GoPro with me to get some under water shots. Along the side of the creek ran a small path which lead to a waterfall.

Then Tom got me eating the abdomen of green tree ants and got himself bitten in the process, I just used a small stick to catch mine.

This was traditional aboriginal food so I thought id give it a go, these tasted rather citrusy with a little tang. If you collect a few of them then you can make them into a nice tangy tea.


Also on this guys property was the Ulysses butterfly, an amazing blue butterfly that was attracted to these red flowering plants.


I could have spent weeks just photographing this guys backyard, as it was rich in wildlife, wherever you look.

We then had a lunch stop and walked along the beach of cape tribulation, where we were on the lookout for more crocodiles, unfortunately we didn’t spot any.


The Daintree Rainforest was so beautiful it was hard to decide which photos to include in my blog this time. I would like to re visit and do a lot more walking in and around the rainforest and hopefully spot a cassowary.

Oh and on the return we stopped off and got some amazing ice cream, which was way to nice to photograph and tasted delicious.

Hope everyones having a good day and sorry for the delay in my blogging, I fell asleep and missed my 5pm deadline.


6 thoughts on “Exploring the Daintree Rainforest

    1. I thought that would make you laugh as you said I may deprive you of some reading if I didn’t catch up on my blogs.
      Good news I’ve just finished tonight’s blog 6hrs early so will be posted at it’s normal schedule time of 5pm.
      The butterflies were the most vivid blue I’ve ever seen.
      Back at mums for Easter trying to work out the next year of my life


      1. Chris- That is awesome. I will have something more to read about your Aussie adventures.
        I really shouldn’t be giving you grief as I am very far behind on my blogs. Having fun running the roads in Minnesota. Also working on cleaning out a storage unit of stuff I don’t need or use anymore. Talk about emotional!
        Enjoy your Easter with your family.
        Let me know how that planning your life thing goes. It never seems to work for me. Always something gets a monkey wrench into any plans I make. Good thing I have an understanding hubby. 😊


      2. Just get to your blogs when you can, live life write about it later.
        I hate cleaning stuff out or moving house that sucks also.
        Today I worked on my two year plan which I’ll probably write about over the next few days but I broke it down too.
        Year 1 stay in Australia and Year 2 get fitter and travel back to Europe for another Camino and visit the places in Europe that I didn’t get to visit last year.
        Netherlands is on the list and hopefully this time I’ll get to visit you.
        Hope you have an enjoyable Easter

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