Fishing with Crocodiles

Its my last full day at my uncles so I decided that I’d have another crack at this fishing thing thats so popular.

I look out of the window and can see its going to be another beautiful sunrise, so get my arse out of bed and wonder down to the water. As the sun rises it paints some wonderful colours in the clouds and there’s not a breath of wind in the air.


The sandflies are out plague proportions with one goal in mind and thats to bite as much of my bare skin as possible. So I retreated back to my uncles, and filled up with breakfast before tackling the sport of fishing.

A few hours later I returned back to the beach armed with insect repellent and a fishing rod, with high hopes of catching something.

As I’m casting my fishing lure into the water I’m thinking how beautiful this place is, surrounded with a mountains and a beautiful river in tropical north Queensland.


As I look around two eagles hover about 30m to my right also looking for some fish I presume, one swoops down and is unsuccessful while the other remains hovering. They both fly above my head then decide to travel further down the coastline.

I spot a heron in the shallows, catching multiple fish, who seems to be doing better than the eagles.

Just then a fish jumps clean out of the water in front of me, this lifts my spirits and I’m now convinced that I’m going to catch something.

I’m careful while casting my line as there was a 3.5m crocodile caught here two weeks ago, so I make sure I’m on a high bank a good 4m away from the waters edge. The waters slightly clear so I’m thinking that I could see anything within 10m or so creeping up on me.


Well after about 1hr I decide that maybe my fishing lure isn’t that appetising so settle for a selfie with a stunning mountains in the background.


Oh well I got a nice suntan and some fresh sea air if nothing else, as my uncles says “its called fishing not catching.”

I spot Steven and Tom on the pier and tell them there is no fish or crocodiles in the water. Tom corrects me and says “what about that one on the bank.”


OMG thats huge about 3 or 4m. I can’t believe the size of it and its only on the other side of the river from where I was fishing.

One of my uncles friends turn up so I talk to him for another hour while watching the croc on the other bank. I love talking to locals as they always have interesting stories about how much the area has changed over the years and what they did as kids.

I return home empty handed but I’ve had a wonderful few hours chatting to locals and watching the wildlife, something I just can’t get enough of.

Alan and I sit down as we go though his photo album and he tells me stories about his youth for the next few hours. I may forget some of the stories but I’ll always remember the time I’ve spent with him.

I return to the beach to watch the sun go down and the approaching storm, looks like we may final get the rain they have been predicting all week.


I phone my friend and have a good chat about where I’m thinking of heading in the next few years and what I would like to achieve. This is good and I promise to make a plan of action over the easter long weekend.


As I’m about to hang up the phone I’m treated to another unbelievable sight as the rain is now falling  and creating some nice golden sun rays over the mountains. All I can think of is we live in a beautiful country, once you disregard all the things that can kill you.

My Video of the Croc


11 thoughts on “Fishing with Crocodiles

  1. That sounds as though it is the end of your stay in North Queensland. After having Easter with mum and Brian where are you going next?? xx


    1. You would think that but I maybe able to squeeze another story out of North Queensland yet, I forgot one. Haha

      You want to know the next part of my adventure, and if I told you that would hardly be fair on my other readers now would it ?
      I’m working on my 2yr plan and I’ll share that with you tomorrow or the day after.
      Lots of love Chris


    1. Oh you can’t go kayaking up Cairns way that croc was longer than my kayak.
      I’m back at mums now so maybe I’ll get the kayaks out soon only sharks down here, lol.
      I was fixing the roof on the carport today and fixing balcony railings yesterday.


  2. Also envisions beautiful shots Chris, he’s one big Croc.
    Great having you around, you are worth your weight in gold when it comes to helping out around the old Queensland
    Can’t wait to visit Cairns again in August this time we will stay a bit longer and take the bug spray lol


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