Ocean Roads and Fast Trains

I’ve managed to squeeze an extra story out of visiting my uncle in Cairns, so here we go.

I wakeup and manage to enjoy my last sunrise at Newell Beach, which once again is more stunning and vibrant than the last.


At 7am I do a final check to make sure I haven’t left anything at my uncles then its into the van we go. I sit back and enjoy the scenery as I don’t normally have people drive me around all week.


As we leave Newell Beach the sun is still very low on the horizon creating long shadows across the road and placing golden light on the mountains.


The Captain Cook Hwy hugs the coastline and has some of the best scenery I’ve seen while traveling around Australia, I definitely think this equals The Great Ocean Road in Victoria.IMG_1552

You also find many trees joining together and overhang the road to creating a living tunnel of green. As I look out the side window I can see were driving parallel to the ocean as I keep getting glimpses of the beach between gaps in the trees.

We have an excellent run down to the coast with little traffic because of the easter holidays and been up so early. For a change I’m able to take a few shots of the trip as I’m a passenger not the driver.

I arrive at Cairns train station and give my uncle a big hug before getting my backpack out of the van and heading off to the train waving goodbye.


I’m first person onto the Spirit of Queensland so this time have better interior shots of the train carriage.


Rail beds convert from a chair to a bed

As we leave the train station we pass some amazing scenery from crops of sugar cane and mountain views and lakes.



While looking out of the right window I can see the sun setting in the west while the moon rises to my left.

It’s been a full day of watching the world go by, while in cars and fast trains, I’ve managed to catch up on a few movies and reading.

Well I can’t complain about the food on the train that’s for sure, Chicken and rice with a chocolate cake and a glass of red.


Once again I’ve enjoyed my long distance train trip from Cairns back to Bundaberg, where I’ll be helping my family at Dunelm House over the next few weeks before I head off for more adventures.


3 thoughts on “Ocean Roads and Fast Trains

  1. Glad you enjoyed your Cairns trip Chris I know Alan enjoyed your company although for a few day, it gives you a glimpse of what a beautiful place Australia is. I am sure you will be back to explore more of the top end in the near future

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