Making a Two Year Travel Plan

I told a friend that over the Easter long weekend that I’d come up with a plan of what’s happing in my life next.

Over the past 7months I’ve traveled back and forth between Sydney and Bundaberg for concerts, Christmas, holidays and a wedding, family visits, and a few odd jobs to help friends out.

So now the next part of my adventure I can see going two ways and I’ve been torn between Australia or Europe. I’m not one to make a decision so I keep putting it off telling people my two options and never deciding on either.

This has been keeping me awake most night resulting in lack of sleep, so I got out my laptop and started writing my hobbies and if I could do them while on my Australian road trip or hiking another Camino and Traveling in England.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 6.57.37 pm

Next I came up with questions for these three possibility’s as this would help me make a decision.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 7.00.25 pm

Once I had all this information in front of me, things became clear, I wanted to do both. So now which order should I do them, time for another decision.

I thought it was a little soon to go back to the UK and maybe it would feel like Deja vu, would I be hoping to meet the same people and have the same outcomes as last year.

I also had such a good time traveling with my half brother that I’d like to do more travel with him and maybe some of the camino. So if postponed until 2020 this would give him time to train and free some time up himself.

To do my Australian road trip I’d needed a more capable car, something that could get to more campsites and travel on the beach and not get stuck.

The down side I would have to spend a decent amount on a new car and I have trouble spending large amounts of money for anything.

Also, do I want to be living out of a tent for 8 months of the year.

Now I was starting to falling asleep so with this information rattling around my head I drifted off to sleep.

The next day I was walking on the beach and thought, right when I finish this walk I’m going to choose.


So my decision was to buy a 4WD for 2019 Australia road trip and 2020 i’d travel Europe.

Next I got very creative and wrote a time line for both years with places or things that I wanted to visit or do. Doing this on the computer I just kept moving objects around until I got some sort of logical order.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 7.26.30 pm

Once you create a deadline its easy, so thank you my friends for telling me “just sit down and do it.”

Next I’ll work on the places I want to visit on my Australian road trip, I love planning things I just find it hard to get started.

So now you know how my little mind works and why its taken me 6 months to work out a simple A or B.




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