First Kayaking Adventure with my Prado

Well I had to fill my new car up today 131.05L and a whopping $187.27 but the good news is that should last me for 1236km. Supposedly that would almost get me from Bundaberg to Sydney.

After that shock, I packed the car and loaded the kayak on the roof racks, this was a little harder been about 6inch higher than my last car.

I’m still working on the best way to do this and I’m sure in time will become a little less awkward.

I drove to Theodolite River at Woodgate which I kayaked the other week with my uncle, but with more time I would able to explore much more of the river.

Arriving just on low tide I’m able to drive onto the hard dry sand and unload my kayak and gear close to the river. This is so much better as I don’t have to drag the kayak from the carpark to the waters edge and then do a second trip with all my gear.

Having parked the car on the dry sand above the high water mark, I’m confident it’s not going to be floating around in the water when I get back.

I hit the water and soon realise that there was no deep channels to kayak in, some places there was only 4inch of water. This meant that I kept getting stuck on the bottom trying to find a passage around all the sand bars.


However it’s a nice warm 27 deg with a slight breeze and lots of eagles flying overhead, and oyster catchers running along the sand banks.

As I paddle in the shallow water I can see stingrays laying on the bottom, they shoot off like a rocket and leave a puff of sand in their wake.

Closer to the mangroves its covered in small soldier crabs with one large red claw, as I get to close they disappear down holes.

After I’ve been paddling for just over an hour I run the kayak up on to the sandbank and retrieve my lunch from the front of the kayak. The water has made some interesting patterns in the sand and it so soft you sink about 6inch with each step.

Lunch stop

I travel further up the river where the mangroves are replaced by small trees and shrubs, I spot ibis walking in the shallows and kingfishers flying from branch to branch with glistening blue wings.


I spot a couple fishing on the sand bank and wave as I paddle by, with the shallow water their boat won’t be moving for some hours yet. They look happy smoking and drinking as they pass the day by.

I paddle around another corner and go past half a dozen houses were I wasn’t expecting to see any, they all have small jetties mostly in bad repair.

The depth of the water has increased and I don’t have any trouble paddling now for the next hour. However the sun keeps moving from left to right and almost behind me, which means that I must be almost going around in circles as I navigate the river.


The water is very silty now so I can’t see any fish unless they jump out of the water and make me jump each time as one almost hits my kayak.

A bit further up the river the banks are encroaching and the sun is staring to hang low in the sky. I know I still have about a 2 hour paddle back to my car, plus the packing up so I know I’ve made the right decision to turn around.


After another hour I stop on the same sandbank as before and eat my fruit, while thinking about my next adventures around Australia and how much I’ve done in the past year.

The last hour is a difficult paddle with the strong headwind and the incoming tide, the only good thing on my side is there’s now enough water in the mouth of the river that I can make a straight line for my car.


The suns not far off setting and I get eaten alive by sandflies as I’m getting changed while packing my kayak on the roof.

Another excellent 14km kayak and the first adventure in my new Toyota Prado.

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 12.45.24 pm
Map of kayak at Theodolite River

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