4WD Vehicle Low Range Bush Course

Well the other week I purchased a 4WD so I could expand the places I could go camping and enable me to follow my dream of traveling around Australia.

I understand this new activity of 4WD I would need some training to get the best out of my vehicle and give myself some confidence in different driving conditions.

I decided to go with Australian 4WD and Advanced Driver Education this offered me a 2 day course where I could learn about my car in two 2 different environments Bush and sand.

This course ran on the 11th – 12th of May, a significant day as last year this is when my dad passed away. So I was trying to put a positive spin on the day by learning something new that would further my adventures, keep me busy, my mind active and hopefully fill me full of joy.

Last year I was crying my eyes out, today I was determined to smile and be as happy as possible. While I’m sure my dad would be proud of me following my dreams and getting outside and just doing.

So I drove 4hrs down the coast and stayed overnight as we had a 7:15am start, where I met another 5 couples.

It was good to see that most of the 4WD’s were standard and nothing over the top.

Our team

The instructor looked over my car and called out, “can the owner of the Prado come over,” Instantly my heart sunk, “oh what’s wrong can’t I do the course.”

The instructor just laughed and said “no, I’m going to show you the functions and buttons of your car, jump in.”

This was the best start to the course, a one on one information session about my car and all the buttons that I would need for this 4WD course. There also was an information board I could read on my car in the instructor shed.

Information board on my car

We were handed information booklets and filled out a few forms and given lots of information and theory about 4WD.

A practical mechanical working demonstration of a 4WD and what different buttons do explained in simple to follow terms.


Next up we were shown how a 4WD can get stuck with only two wheels on the ground without the correct settings.


After this demonstration our cars were covered in mud and then started to look like proper 4WDs.

We then got to drive around a few tracks to see how different settings on our cars worked. I could not believe how steep my car could climb without slipping and we were still on the basic tracks.

I forget the timings, maybe after lunch we were shown how to correctly retrieve a car using a snatch strap and what happens when you don’t use the correct speed.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 6.39.08 pm
Incorrect speed, lots of wheel spin and wear on tyres
Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 6.39.20 pm
Correct speed, no while spin

I got to help tow a Landcruiser from a simulated stuck position, which was very informative to feel weight of another car.


Next was the best and steepest track, 43 deg, once we got to the edge of the track we could not believe where our car was going to go.

My car impressed me while down hill assist control button, this is where the car drives itself down the hill using the brake when needed, you just steer.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 6.29.19 pm
The bottom of the 43 Deg hill

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 6.33.19 pm

It’s hard to show the steepness of the hills we had to drive down in these photos as you couldn’t get a shot of the steepest hill we drove.

All I can say is this was and excellent day learning about the capabilities of my 4WD in low range on a bush track. I can’t recommend this course enough and its instructors were first rate and very knowledgeable.

I must thank my stepdad for coming along and enjoying this day with me, as the passengers get to drive as much as you do, well that’s if you let them.

I learnt so much and can’t wait to do the second part of my course tomorrow, sand driving on Bribie Island.

Video of Course



6 thoughts on “4WD Vehicle Low Range Bush Course

  1. Very interesting, the course that you have done, I bet you are looking forward to the sand, and you will now be able to get your maps out and start making plans for your trips. Xx


  2. Great photos of the cars and scenery, just think what amazing beach and Bush photos and videos that will come from your trip, can’t wait to see them. Lots of editing to keep You busy


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