The Prado Gets a Name and a Garmin GPS

Well since I’m going to be driving my car on a massive trip around Australia, I thought I can’t keep calling it the Prado I better give it a name.

It needed to be something adventurous, or of an adventurer, so I thought who has had an influence on my adventure life, who did I want to be.

When I first came to Australia my Uncle Alan showed me his Alby Mangles book, and we used to watch his TV series.

Alby Mangles is an Australian adventurer and documentary film-maker widely remembered for his World Safari adventure travel films.

After looking at all these amazing places in this book and watching the TV series multiple times, I knew that one day when I retire I would love to go for a lap around Australia in my very own 4WD.

This dream has taken more than 30 years but this weekend I’m hopeful going to start The Big Lap around Australia.

Last year I started the trip but my heart just wasn’t in it and I just ended going from Bundaberg to Sydney and back a few times.

This year I’m feeling much more confident and with better equipment and a little bit of 4WD training up my sleeve, I’m ready for adventure.

So I name my car Alby and hopefully I’ll become the great adventurer that he is.

Navigation Upgrade

Well I’ve been using google maps on my phone and love it to bits, unfortunately when you lose reception its just not that helpful.

Yes you can download maps but only a few hundred square km at a time and since I’ll be doing the whole of Australia this wasn’t Really a good option.

I also like a back up plan of still having an electronic navigation aid if I lose my phone or it gets broken.

I will also be taking a book of campsite and maps with me so everything should be covered.

I decided on the Garmin Drive Smart 65 with a 7″ screen for easy viewing and the trip planning software of Garmin BaseCamp.

Garmin 65

Garmin Drive Smart 65

So I took mum and Brian for a trip along some dirt paths then down to the beach along some sand tracks to test out the GPS.

Also this was a good exercise to see what I remembered from the sand course and press a few of Alby’s buttons.

The Garmin seemed to preform well apart from some of the 4WD tracks, I’m sure I’ll iron out the problems once I get traveling.

It seems to have some good features enabling you to save tracks for future trips as well as school zones, speed changes and all the other functions my 12 year old Tom Tom used to have.

The Base Camp trip planing software that came with it was a little more difficult to get working an pair with the GPS but after a good day playing around and planning I seem to have most of the functions worked out.

Hopefully this new unit will save me from getting lost or at least get me into some exciting adventures.

Tomorrow Alby gets some safety modifications and by the end of the week I should be starting my Trip.


5 thoughts on “The Prado Gets a Name and a Garmin GPS

  1. We have found that the Garmin Basecamp could be a little more user friendly. Over the thee years we have had our handheld unit it has been handy, but often times I use google to capture my routes for the blog as it seems easier to use.
    Safe travels Chris! Can’t wait to see where this adventure leads you.


    1. Yes I must agree, considering I used to work in computer mapping for the last 20yrs I still found it problematic. Some things just wouldn’t work no mater what I did.
      Time will tell and one day I’ll also get a hand unit.
      I’ve been using it in conjunction with google maps which helps.
      I’m hoping things will run smoothly, that’s all you can hope for.
      Sorry I think I’m a few of your blogs behind again, once I’m camping I should have plenty of time to catch up on a night with other people’s blogs.


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