Alby Gets Some 4WD Safety Modifications

So after doing the 4WD course the other week, I came away with a wish list for my 4WD modifications. I call it a wish list because I couldn’t afford all that was on the list at this moment in my adventure.

I booked the car into A2Z 4×4 Bundaberg store to get some recovery points and a UHF Radio installed before I go.

The guys were very helpful and patient with all my questions and I also picked up a few other item while I was there. This enabled me to get a good discount on my purchases as it was a one transaction.

A2Z 4×4 Bundaberg


UHF 9060 Radio and Aerial

This is something I would need in an emergency situation to communicate with others when there’s no phone reception. A UHF Radio is also useful to chat to trucks or road trains when you want to pass them on single lane roads.

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 3.52.42 pm



These are used just incase I get bogged in the sand or mud and will assist me get out. I’ve used them on the 4WD course last weekend and they worked a treat.

Purchased at BCF for $250 which is a lot for a bit of plastic but will be very useful if the situation arises.

Self recovery

Small Recovery Kit

Sometimes the Maxtrax just can’t get you out of a bad situation and you need extra help.

This is when you need a recovery kit that includes a snatch strap, not only for yourself but if you want to help other people out. You also need a second vehicle to help you out of this type of recovery which was also fun to practice last weekend.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 8.13.28 pm

Rated Recovery Points

These attach under the car to the vehicle chassis which is the strongest part of the car. To this, you then attach the recovery equipment, as the other small hooks under the car are only to tie it down when transporting the vehicle.

Yellow Recovery Points


Air deflator

While driving on the beach you may need to pressure down and the quickest and accurate way to do this is an air deflator. I purchased this one from ARB it takes a little getting used to so I practiced on the spare tyre.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 8.16.35 pm

Air Compressor

After you finish driving on the beach you will need to inflate your tyres again, so its safe to drive on the road.

If there is no petrol station around or the queue is too long, then you will need an air compressor.

I decided on getting the best one I could afford and that would be reasonably quick to re inflate the tyres once I’ve been on the beach. Ironman 160l/min compressor.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 8.14.17 pm

So I feel that I now have my car all fitted out and ready for action, I’ll be off this weekend to test everything out and then all going well I’ll be off on my big lap around Australia.

Hopefully this will be an exciting part to my life and an unforgettable experience, wish me luck and I may even pop in and say hello.


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