Hiking 28km in Carnarvon National Park

Hiking Carnarvon Gorge

It was a cool night with temperatures dropping to around 5 deg, so normally this would mean a slow start to the day. Over excited I didn’t really sleep much because I knew I would finally get to hike much longer hike than I’ve done in months,

I have my bag packed with plenty of food, water and was setting off in long pants and a jumper, which I haven’t had to ware in ages because of the warm Queensland weather.

As I left the carpark the sun was still low in the sky creating a nice golden glow that I use in my video introduction as I thought this would make a nice opening sequence. Later to be replaced with drone footage thanks to Trevor.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 7.31.33 pm
Super excited

I had such a big grin on my face, seeing so much beautiful scenery all around me was taking my breath away, or maybe that was just the cool air and a few steps.

Even though there had been a recent bush fire and lots of the vegetation was burnt it still looked beautiful.

As most of Australia native plants, trees and grasses seem to have no problems with wild fires or bush fires as we call them, they just regrow. There was a contrast in colours from the deep blacks of burnt trees to the rich vibrant greens grasses still wet with morning dew all around me.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 7.33.08 pm

I continue across stepping stones and wandered along the sandy main track, listening to all the small birds singing and parrots squawking in the trees.

I was struggling with the cold weather and my nose was running constantly which is not good for filming as you can hear me sniffing in a few shots.

There is plenty of creek crossings and this enabled me to get some nice shots walking across stepping stones with the mountains in the background.

I must remember to bring a small tripod with me next time, as trying to balance a camera on a smooth rock surround by water is just asking for trouble.

With my track record of two broken cameras last year it’s only a matter of time before this one ends up in the water without a tripod.

Trying to find the end of the big bend bush camp was a little bit of a challenge as I lost the track but I could hear some voices.

Not wanting to give up when I was so close I stuck to the river bank and just around the corner I came to the camp site. The voices that I heard were know where to be found, so I was questioning my state of mind.

Later I bumped into a guy and his wife that said he went off into the bush because he couldn’t find the track, this must have been the voices I could hear.

So my mind is intact and I’m 100% normal, some people will highly disagree with this percentage and maybe say around 30% normal at a stretch, lol.

Any way I stopped for lunch and then made my way back along the way I had come but this time I went down all the side tracks and visited all the gorges, water falls and Aboriginal art stencils and engravings.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 7.32.31 pm
Aboriginal rock art

I managed to come across quite a bit of wildlife on this trip which is excellent. I spotted lots of parrots, kangaroos, echidna, shags and pigeons.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 7.31.59 pmScreen Shot 2019-06-12 at 7.33.34 pm

This hike took me over 7.5hrs for a total of 28km.

The Rain

This next day was forecasts to rain all day so I put my awning up over the tent for some extra protection. This didn’t leave me with many places to set up my cooking gear out of the rain so I may need to invest in another awning.

Lots of rain

Anyway it was a nice chance to get some editing don’t, well that was until Trevor and his wife invited me over for a chat and a drink. I brought a bottle of wine and a few hrs later I was wandering around looking for my tent without a torch so I could supply every one with chocolate.

So when good company is around I guess my blogging  is just going to fall behind sorry to say.

So thats what happens when it rains, you drink wine and make new friends, just incase you wanted to know.

My Video

Wow that only took 2hrs and 10mins up upload to YouTube, internet so slow.

Travel Info

Distance Traveled Today 347km
The Big Lap 853km

Tonights Accommodation Per Night $23
The Big Lap So Far $179.10


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