3 Days at Bladensburg National Park

Having enough of the over crowded Apex Park and midnight runs from the local hoon on a motorbike that awoke even the dead.

I decided to drive a few hundred km to check out Bladensburg National Park that had been recommended to me a few days ago by Tanya and Simon At Rubyvale.

Will decided that he was up for an adventure that didn’t involve him riding for a few days and we managed to get his bike, trailer and all his gear in Alby my Prado.

Packed up we headed for the Dinosaur museum just outside of Winton, at a price tag of $55 to look at some old bones we decided that it would be spent better on fuel and food.

Well that’s what Will was saying, I didn’t want to disappear for 2hrs and leave him stranded outside, so I said lets just take a dinosaur photo and head over to the lookouts.


When we got back to the car I noticed something red sticking out of the bull bar, I thought oh bugger what have I hit. It turns out Will left his bike chain resting on the bull bar this morning, somehow it got wedged between the bumper and the bull bar for almost 200km. Luckily the chain and padlock didn’t fly up and go through the windscreen.

We decide to check out some of open plains and water holes of the National Park before setting up camp. Its so flat and dusty here and you can see for miles or kilometres depending where you come from.

After dinner we cross the creek to watch the moon rise and the sunset, we disturb a few roos and they hop off almost silhouette by the sun. Birds take their last flight for the night and a budgie busy feeding its young in a tree hollow, above my swag.


We then get invited over to an old guy camp but he’s very racist against aboriginal people and I can see Wills getting annoyed so we retire and read our books.

The next day we decide drive a 4WD track and check out Scrammy Gorge which has a stunning view abundance of birds and some nice rock scrambling.

Spot my car

I have never seen so many different birds as I have on this trip, I need to get myself a bird book next time I’m in town to identify them all. I’ll add this one as I know its a pair of Galah’s and I’ll create another blog just to birds I’ve spotted so far.


Next we visit Scrammy waterhole and Will decides to go for a swim and a bit of a wash as we don’t have showers in the national park.

I wade in up to my thighs and decide its too cold for swimming, so I lean forward, wash my face and in the process lose my balance and let out a high pitch squeal as my nether regions hit the water.

Once I get my breath I say its &(%#%^ cold isn’t it, he says “yes, and by the way its slippery over where you are, that’s how I fell in.”

We drive a little further out to Scrammy Lookout where we can see vast vista’s of open plains that looks like it could be filled with African animals, I tell Will that there is a place some guy has a private collection of endangered African animals in central Australia as it has a similar climate.


After a good 5hrs exploring we drive back to camp, have dinner and then head out to watch the sun setting as the full moons rises over the horizon. Will laughs as I run around trying to get a perspective shot with my car and the moon. He shouts out what are you doing, my reply I’m trying to get the moon on my roof racks as I’m laying in the dirt on my belly.

It’s not every day you manage to get the moon on your roof racks without anyone noticing.


I have never seen such a beautiful sunset and there was so much sky, from our point of view half of the world was sky, 360 deg all around us and no hills or clouds. It truly was an unforgettable experience with a I’m glad I got to share it with someone else.


That evening we got invited for dinner by our neighbours and they played the guitar by the campfire and sung into the wee hours of the night.

I’m having an unbelievable experience by day and night, I truly feel I’m living my life and enjoying the simple living.

Travel Info

Distance Traveled Today 231km

The Big Lap So Far 1804km

Tonights Accommodation Per Night $6.55

The Big Lap So Far $295.65


4 thoughts on “3 Days at Bladensburg National Park

  1. Wow love you sure know how to capture the moment, I was a bit worried about you traveling on your own but as you have already proved you will meet people and get to share your experiences, just like on the Camino. But also you can be on your own if you choose to be. Look forward to your blogs and living the experience through your blogs. Keep on enjoying this great country x


    1. Traveling alone seems to be fine so far, I have been told to avoid some areas so I’ll keep away from them.
      It’s the cows of all things I’m worried about at the moment, there very large compared to my tent.
      Having a ball so far, I’ll hike up the hill tomorrow and post more blogs.


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