Yabbie Apprentice

Well I’ve definitely gotten the taste for yabbies, after been introduced to them over the past few nights, Ive also come away with a few recipes.

So I’m a little low on supplies and head into Mount Isa which is 45mins away from my current camp. I buy two yabbie pots and some string from the local camping shop, BCF and can’t wait to get back and start catching yabbies.

Oh and In the excitement I forgot the bait, turns out the people camped next to me aren’t that bad after all and come to my rescue with some dog biscuits.

Well the first and second nights I catch a grand total of two Yabbies which leaves me a little dishearten to say the least.


My next door neighbour Rhonda takes me under her wing and shows me the best places to drop yabbie pots, over the other side of the creek.

I look a little puzzled as I haven’t mastered the act of walking on water yet and its a little too cold for a swim.

Rhonda lends me her blow up raft, I row it to the other side of the creek, getting a wet bottom in the process.

Turns out Rhonda rows the boat forward and not the traditional way of backwards, thus placing her wet yabbie pots on the middle seat where I just sat down.

I drop two yabbie pots on the far bank opposite my campsite and can’t wait to see the results tomorrow.



I’m thinking has my luck changed as I row row Rhondas boat gentle down the creek, merrily merrily life is 43. Well 46 doesn’t quite rhyme and I was getting carried away.

I’m used to a kayak and kind of get tangled up a little bit with the floats on my yabbie pots, to the amusement of others watching me.

I pull up my pots and have about 4 yabbies, oh well that’s 400% better than the other days, maybe the next pot will yield better results.

Yes 18 yabbies and most of them are of decent size, looks like I’ll be cooking dinner tonight for the neighbours.

I paddle back to shore with a big grin on my face and Rhonda see’s that her little apprentice must have done well.

I throw the rope to Rhonda and she helps me out of her raft, she laughs at my wet bum.


I then get a lesson of how to prepare them for cooking which is a little gross pulling there heads off, which I shall not show for the vegetarians in the group.

I put a pot of water on and once its boiling, place the yabbie tails in, they go a nice red colour as they cook for two minutes.

Then the next step is to place them in cold water so you can easily handle them, flatten the tails out and crack the shell, this makes peeling them easy.


Now you can add them to anything you want, I cooked them up with pasta and sauce and shared them with the other campers.


Travel Info

Distance Traveled Today 0km

The Big Lap So Far 2498km

Tonights Accommodation Per Night $0

The Big Lap So Far $320.75

Travel info hasn’t changed in two week due to staying put apart from two shopping trips.


3 thoughts on “Yabbie Apprentice

  1. Hi Chris, we miss you already, really enjoyed your company and now we can keep up with your antics, have fun 😀


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