Hiking with Tanya

For the past two weeks I’ve been gorging myself on yabbies, cheese, wine and apart from the occasional hike up the hill for internet I’ve done very little exercise.

Today I looked over the creek and saw a hill that had good hiking possibilities, and on my way to the toilet this is where I met Tanya.

After half an hour of chatting, I convinced her to stay a few more days, move into the sun by the river and join our little family.

Later that day my excitement for hiking was infectious and she decided to join me on a hike to the other side of the creek and up a hill.


We were given directions of how to cross the creek, all we had to do was find a fallen tree, unable to find the elusive fallen tree, we continued to look for a way across.

It appears I have longer legs than Tanya and was able to walk across the stepping stones using stable rocks, however the middle stepping stone wasn’t stable and Tanya went gracefully into the water up to her shins, shoes and all.

For once this wasn’t me having bad luck, I must admit I told her the middle rock was unstable but have a tendency to mumble sometimes, so maybe it was my fault.

I spotted the evil cows in the distance and they weren’t as brave in the day time, opting to run off and find reinforcement to plot another attack on my car alarm tonight, no doubt.

Evil cows

After we were across the river, it was time to check a few emails, try as I may I couldn’t pay my phone bill so we headed for higher ground.

We were walking along the river tracks made by the cows, which were much easier than trying to make our own tracks.

We came adjacent to our campsite and my neighbour Geoff was out with his camera, for a laugh I mooned him, unfortunately I didn’t see Rhonda lurking in the bushes. So later had to apologise to her for showing my white arse, but it was all in good fun and we had a laugh.

Half moon

This brought up some funny conversations Tanya told me about her 3 son’s and there mooning antics.

We crossed another dry creek and started heading up the hill, it was a little tough going as most of the plants were very dry and spiky, it was like having needles poked into your legs.

Can you spot us almost at the top

Stopping at the halfway point up the hill, we scrambled up onto some rocks and could see back to our campsites along the creek. The deep blue cloudless sky was reflected in the creek far below us and we were cooled by a slight breeze coming off the dam.


We passed a bloke walking down barefoot as he was out for a paddle in his kayak and decided he wanted to climb the hill. I have no idea the state of his feet as my legs were cut to bits.

Can you spot me, top of the hill

We managed to reach the top of the hill and wave down to the others at our camp, they also took some photos of us taking photos of them.

The views were stunning out over the dam wall and I could see the camp I stayed at last week, beautiful as it was, it was a little cool and windy.


I tried to pay my phone bill once more but turns out the app is too memory hungry, so I gave up and took a selfie instead.

Two days later we hike the hill to the right of my hat

We surveyed the area and managed to find some cow tracks leading close to the dam wall. We have been told that there was no way across but I’m sure we could find a way.

The climb down the hill was a little tough and more scratches later we were trying to push our way through thick scrub.

I found a way across the creek but was stopped by a second stream, not wanting to end up like Tanya and have wet feet, I placed a rock down and then jumped the rest.

Tanya was trying to find another way across the creek and in the meantime I placed a log and a series of stones and built her a bridge.

She was impressed someone would build her a bridge, I just felt guilty for her slipping into the water and having to walk in wet shoes for the next few hours.

We both successfully made it across the river and back to camp, the climb was a little more difficult than I expected but it was an excellent walk with a new friend to our little family.

Two days later I convinced Tanya to go hiking again on a much more difficult hill in the hope I could pay my phone bill.

As they say, that another blog.


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