Another Hiking Adventure With Tanya

So sorry readers, I’ve been a social butterfly the past few weeks and living life to the fullest through adventures.

So I left you at Hiking with Tanya and now I’ll return back two weeks to my last day with the Clem Walton Park family.

None of us wanted to say good bye or make a move to split up our family we had grown to love over the past two week, with the new addition of Tanya.

A decision was made that we would all split up tomorrow and head our seperate ways, this was making me a little sad so I hit Tanya up for one last adventure to climb another mountain we could see 2km away.

It was around 2pm and a nice 25deg which is not to bad for a winters day in northern Queensland.

We had no problems getting across the creek this time as we stabilised the stepping stones and added a tree branch, so our feet remained dry.

We could see the large hill in the distance which we wanted to climb, but were unsure if it was possible due to large rocks at the summit.

By the looks of the dry grass it hadn’t rained for months and this was soon becoming a problem, as it was just cutting into our lower legs.

You would think that we would have learned from our previous days hike, I was contemplating taking my t shirt off and wrapping it around one of my legs but then I’d probably get sunburn on my back anyway, catch 22.


The cows didn’t make an appearance until about 1km in where there was more shade and the grass was a little greener down by the dry creek beds.

Since it was nice and warm I was convinced that I would see a snake today, as we were stumbling over rocks and wading through spiky grass.

We made it over the first hill and as we looked back could almost see the campsites beside the creek.

Tanya and myself decided to tackle the hill head on and were soon climbing up a very steep hill with loose rocks.

With each meter we climbed we could start to see the dam coming into view if we turned around and looked back in the direction of the sun.


The rocks were very loose and we kept slipping into spiky grass and we ended up with more cuts and a few jabs in the knees, but we were determined to summit this hill.

After a few rests, drink of water and trying to get some internet to pay bills, we headed forwards at about 45deg incline. The heat was rather strong and it wasn’t long before I was half way through my water.

There wasn’t much wildlife apart from the odd spider and a few grasshoppers that just jumped in any direction and sometimes hit you in the legs or face when climbing over rocks.

We stopped about 3/4 the way up and thought it would be impossible to go on further due to the steepness and large boulders we had to climb over.

We talked it over and decided to keep going since we had come this far and what else did we have to do anyway.

Once we navigated the last few rocks, we had incredible views for km in every direction and Tanya took a photo of me on the very summit of this little hill.


That feeling you get once you achieve your goals and have a cool breeze.


Thanks to Tanya for taking this photo and been my hiking buddy for a few days.

This climb was rather difficult but much worse coming down and we slipped a few times and dislodged the odd rock here and there and landed on our bums a few times.

Heading back home was a little more difficult to navigate as once we started coming down the hill we lost site of the campground nestled in between the trees.


We just headed in the same direction as the sun and knew we would come across the creek eventually.

On the way down we startled a few kangaroos laying down cooling themselves under the shade of trees, so I think I made some more enemy’s.

We found it easier to follow the cow tracks but theses didn’t always go in the right direction of home so it was back to strippings the skin off our legs with the dry grass and spiky bushes.

I miss judged the amount of dry creek crossings we navigated and ended up a little off course and ended further up the creek than our steppingstones.

Tanya was straight in the water to build a bridge and cool down, I just took my socks and shoes off and cooled my feet down.

I have no idea why but we must have spent the next 30mins building a stone bridge for other hikers to use in the future.

We were reunited with our family as the sun was going down and told them how much we enjoyed the hike and showed off our red raw legs.

We celebrated into the night thanks to Tanya and her Bundaberg Liquor and promised to keep in touch and meet up again for some Bundaberg rum at mums place.

Happy times

Once again sorry for neglecting my blog, I’ve been busy living life and finding new friends.

A few days later I meet a new family with new adventures, so stay tuned..



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