Landscapes and Sunsets

Sunday morning rose over the horizon and It was finally time to say good to the Clem Walton Park Family. Everyone was given a hug whether they wanted one or not including Geoff, some received two since they were so loveable and gave good hugs.

I said goodbye and drove away content that I had made some more good friends that hopefully I will run into again one day.

It was nice to get back in my car after such a long time, as I love driving Alby its a much smoother dive than my old car, that I don’t think had any suspension in the end.

The landscape has changed a little with more hills and trees but they are soon left behind as the hill reduce to nothing but flat vistas of open scrub and tumble weeds.

The overcast sky brakes up to patches of clouds scattered around the sky and about 20km towards the horizon I can see clear blue sky.

As I drive along a dead straight road at 100kmph I notice movement to my left and see three emus running alongside the road, I just prey that they don’t run out in front of my car.

I pass them by with no incident and continue to drive towards the blue sky, the road narrows from two lanes down to a single lane, with dirt either side. In these circumstances if an oncoming car is heading for you, then you drive half on the road and in the dirt, creating a bit of a dust storm.

If a 55m road train comes towards you then its a good idea to completely get off the road and into the dirt and pray your not going to get a smashed windscreen.

I spot hundreds of termite mounds in the surrounding fields and this time there is a safe place to pull over and take some photos, further down the road I’ve seen people dressing them up with t shirts and jumpers, which look amusing.


I’m not far from Karumba a coastal town so I decide to take a detour and visit the sea and hopefully I can go for a walk along the beach.

As I get out of the car I can see a sign warning me about the dangers of living in the tropics, crocodiles, I decided my beach walk should remain dry and not paddle in the water.


This looks like it’s a very good fishing spot and I  count a dozen fishing boats and lots of men and women fishing along the beach, I noticed one lady fishing in the water, I guess she’s illiterate or her husbands had enough of her.


I stopped at the local pub overlooking the crocodile infested water and enjoyed a coke while admiring the stacks of stones and a light breeze. I just wish I could go for a swim in that beautiful warm water.


After a phone call to mum to update her on my location and general wellbeing I drive off a few hundred km away to camp for the night.

Leichhardt Lagoon campsite was as the name suggests by a lagoon, and had some beautiful birds flying around the water and campsite. I was told where to camp but some guy protested as he wanted to use the fire pit so I moved from a nice grass area to the sand just to keep the peace.

Unfortunately my new location had two ants nests, so this took a little while before I could convince the ants to go under my tent and not over it. This could cause a problem at 3am when I go to water the closest tree in bare feet.

I made some dinner and didn’t bother sharing any of it with my neighbour as I could have stayed where I was because the fire pit was just a movable metal ring that you got from reception.


The sunset was unbelievably beautiful and changed so many times in a rainbow of colours as the sun disappeared over the horizon and was reflected in the lagoon.

I was talking to a lady about her massive dog she had and a guy started playing the saxophone which as an unbelievable experience, you never know how each day will end.


Just as I was saying goodbye to the lady and hello to the mosquitoes, I read a sign that opened my eyes (fresh and saltwater crocks in the area).

I had no problems walking back to my tent in the dim light as my eyes were now wide open thinking about crocks.

As I was laying in my tent thinking I wonder what sound a crock makes as its about to eat you. I now know my car has an alarm so I turned it on in the hope that like the cows it would hit the car first before it decided to eat me.

I woke up a few times in the night as I could hear something in the distance and I told myself that it was the cow that was having a swim just before sunset, that way I could get to sleep.

The Big Lap so far

Travel Info

Distance Traveled Today 362km

The Big Lap So Far 3386km

Tonights Accommodation Per Night $8

The Big Lap So Far $338.75


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