Cobbold Gorge Tour with Crocodiles

I survived the night of crocodiles and ants at Leichhardt Lagoon but woke feeling a little tired from the things that went bump in the night, or rather splosh, grunt.

Next stop was an information centre to see what was in the local area, this is where I was told about Cobbold Gorge.

So I had a new destination once I’d filled up the 150lt tank of Diesel, at a price tag of $200 still shocks me.

I went into the local shop and purchased a few bits of fruit that must have been made out of gold because I was shocked again at the price. Mental note to self purchase all you need from major towns and then double what you think you will need because of extended stays.

It was a nice drive down winding roads which was a change from hundreds of kilometres on dead straight roads. The roads suddenly changed from sealed to dirt roads, and there was fine red dust in the air that managed to find its way into the car.

Even with the vents on internal circulation you could still taste the dust in the air, I slowed down a little in the hope that more dust would not find its way into the car.

I spotted more emus and a wild pig, which I managed to stop and photograph. I was a little disturbed as I realised it was eating a dead kangaroo or cow.


Cobbold Gorge

I arrived at the Cobbold Gorge campsite which was also part of a resort with the added benefit of having all the luxury of a swimming pool, bar and restaurant.

I booked in for two nights and must have got one of the last spots been the last week of the school holidays. It wasn’t an ideal site camping under trees as my solar panels needed the sun and the batterie pack was once again giving me grief.

I went for a little walk around the resort purchased some hot chips and ordered myself a cider while chatting to the barmaid. That seemed to go down rather well so but spotted someones cocktail so since my chips still hadn’t arrived I order myself a cocktail.

The barmaid kind of slipped and I ended up with a little more bailie’s in my cocktail than I should.

After I finished a wonderful cocktail I asked about my hot chips and it turns out the guy had forgotten so I ordered another cocktail and soon I was eating piping hot chips by the pool watching another sunset. My phone was on charge so you will just have to take my word that it was stunning.

Reflection Pool

Anyway I went back in the morning and the sunrise was just as stunning, nobody was in the pool so the reflections were perfect.

The Dam

As I walked passed the pool the colours in the sky started to change and become more vivid and were reflected in the dam.

This is shaping up to be an excellent photography day, which was short lived once I got to the gorge.

You could only access Cobbold Gorge on a private tour, which I didn’t mind but the price tag of $97 was a little steep. I was going to do a SUP board tour which was cheeper but there was only one spot left so I let a new friend I’d made the night before have this spot.

Anyway we got taken out to the gorge on a bus along with another 50 people and were split into 3 groups. Our group got to go on the boats first which I didn’t mind and forgot the advice from fellow travellers and ended up in the middle of the boat.

I have never wished anyone to fall overboard and get eaten by crocodile but… two old ladies had full size iPads taking photos for the whole trip and I couldn’t get a good view of the gorge myself.

They were talking most of the way too, but since I never really complain about anything I let it slide. Maybe I should change my ways and tell them to shut up and put technology down they don’t know how to use..

So I only have some mediocre shots of the gorge to show you.


Cobbold Gorge

The colour in the rock formations was unreal and over time falling water has created all these colourful bands that water has eroded over the years.

We traveled up this narrow gorge in an longboat propelled along by a quiet electric motor.

As we were gliding over the waters surface creating barely a ripple a few different species of fish could be seen in the dark water.

A few times we had to duck as we passed under rock outcrops in the extremely narrow passage only a few centimetres wider than our boat.

After this we were taken on a bush walk and shown some bush food and medicines that the aboriginals would use. This was very interesting but I have to admit there was so much information I have forgotten most of it as I sit and write this blog two weeks later.

On the way back to the bus I spotted a fresh water crocodile which are apparently harmless and don’t eat annoying little old ladies with iPads, unfortunately.

Fresh water Croc

I semi enjoyed the gorge tour but loved the bush food talk so it wasn’t all bad.

Disappointment soon changed by meeting some wonderful people around the campfire but as they say, that’s another story or in this case a blog.

Travel Info

Distance Traveled Today 365km

The Big Lap So Far 3751km

Tonights Accommodation Per Night $15

The Big Lap So Far $353.75



7 thoughts on “Cobbold Gorge Tour with Crocodiles

  1. Annoying old ladies hogging your view… I would have accidentally bumped into them. Now the croc idea would have made for a viral video. Oh well that is travel adventures for you. You still got some stunning photos. I heard everything costs more in the Outback, unless it is an Subaru Outback (Lol). Safe travels.


  2. Isn’t nature wonderful, great colours in the rocks. Bet you slept well after the cocktails lol
    Glad you are having a wonderful time


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