Undara Camping Family and a Few Walks

Undara Family

Well it wasn’t long before I’d made friends and created a new camping family, Jason, Mary-Jane + 3 kids and Mike and Jennie with a stunning little caravan, who were also fellow long distance hikers.

We all met around a campfire one night and became instant friends, well anyone that feeds me home baked bread in the fire and a few glasses of red wine becomes my instant friends thats for sure. I did manage to supplied the lemon butter and honey as I was running a little low on the food front.

The Bluff Walk

The next day I was invited to go hiking with Jason, MJ and the kids to one of the local lookout, The Bluff which was extremely nice.

Starting in front of the resort just passed the train carriage accommodation which is unique to the area, we soon were walking along dry grass plains.

The hike was mostly flat which was good as one of the kids brought his bike, and he was giving us a running commentary of what he could see.

The kids managed to spot a few kangaroos in the long grass as we walked along the tracks a few birds would fly off as the bike went wizzing past.

I was fascinated with some of the local bugs that I hadn’t seen before and held the group up taking photos.


The bike became a little more of a problem once we hit the larger rocks and the incline to the lookout, but MJ carried the bike over the rocks and most of the way to the top.

Once at the top the kids started to play with their little drone and I watch the sunset with Jason and the kids while MJ took some stunning shots like the ones below.

Photo Credit Mary-Jane

You could look back over Under Lodge and the camping area or off into the distance where you could see Kalkani Crater which we would be walking tomorrow.

After sunset we waited a little longer and watched the sky darken, changed a rainbow of colours before our eyes.

Kalkani Crater

Jason, MJ and the kids invited me on this walk around the crater, which we had to drive 20mins out to along a dirt track. These looked spectacular from the air but was a little hard to visualise from the ground. The crater was covered in trees and unless you were told it was an old volcano it was hard to work it out.


The stat of the walk was a gradual incline in a spiral fashion on the outside of the crater, as we were walking we spotted more kangaroos munching on the grass.

Once we were up the top there was stunning views out over the wooded lava plains but we were an hour early for the sunset and the temperature was dropping so we headed back home.

Pioneer and Rosella Plains Lookout Track

These tracks I hiked solo so I had to fill in the log book before and after my hike, which was located at reception.

This walk follows the old telegraph line that was built in the 1870s and had lots of information boards to read along the way.

Walking along another dry track that leads to the Heritage Hut which is a replica of an early pioneer dwelling.


Once I look around the hut, take a few photos then I’m off on the proper part of the long distance 12km walk.

This had some stunning scenery and something I was hanging out for as it must have been a month ago that I was last on a decent walk of any length.

This walk has some very good lookouts with stunning views of the surrounding areas and the Kalkani Crater.

While hiking up one hill I was almost at the top of the lookout when I stopped for a drink and a little breather when two kangaroos came bouncing around some boulders. I have never seen a kangaroos hit the brakes and come to a grinding halt by skidding in a cloud of dust and stopped about a foot in front of me.

With horror in his eyes he took off at lightning speed and joined the other kangaroo that managed to avoid me, I have never laughed so much at a kangaroo before in all my life.

Still laughing I climbed the rest of the hill and admired the view with a slight breeze to keep me cool under the cloudless sky.


An excellent hike but in the heat it seemed a lot longer than 12km, this in me in my happy place walking out in the Australian bush.


Dinner in a Train Carriage

Later that afternoon I caught up with Mike and Jennie and we had some dinner in an old train carriage which was a nice experience and I had an amazing lava cake, chocolate cake with soft centre that oozed out once cut with a side of ice cream. A nice end to the day catching up with friends and filling up on the calories that I had walked off during the day.


Undara is definitely well worth the trip and tomorrow I’ll be going on one of the Lava tube tours, which I’m looking forward to, so stay tuned.



6 thoughts on “Undara Camping Family and a Few Walks

  1. Glad you are in your happy place, that’s all a Mum ever won’t for her kids
    Another great read and amazing photos, so glad you are making life long memories


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