Camping With The Birds

I arrive at Futter Creek Camping Reserve which is a basic park with only a male and female toilets and no other facilities, its also by the side of the road so you get the odd car scream past at midnight.

It’s a free campsite and never over crowded because 9km down the road there’s another free camp next to the dam, which is much more picturesque.


One thing I love about this simple campsite is it’s by a creek and Ive spotted eagles, pelicans, ducks and a few other smaller finches and wagtails. Unfortunately with this very dry weather the creek is rapidly drying up compared to last year when I camped here.

Watching the pelican swim with a nice backdrop of blue water reflecting the sky and trees, it gets me thinking about starting another painting. I can just picture myself with a little painting studio or tiny house setup beside a river or an ocean view.


I have so many photos that I would like to paint from this past 3months alone I don’t know where to begin.

I walk the 50m back to camp and start daydreaming about my studio, how I would like it set out what kind of paintings I imagine myself creating even down to skylights.

This lasts for a few minutes until an ant rudely interrupts my thought process by sinking it’s pincers into my leg, “why….. did I just step on your brother ?”

I notice a pair of eagles land in a near by tree, so I grab my camera and accidentally make a few more ants orphans and expect I’ll get bitten again before the days out.

The morning light was soft and I managed to capture the white plumage of the eagles and thought this would make another nice addition to my bird paintings.


After watching the eagles for a good 10mins I returned to camp and made breakfast which was left over pancake, this time without all the drama of my campsite been blown apart.

I must admit that having more time on my hands I sometimes get caught up in messing around with my food just so I can take a nice photo.


I guess this just keeps my mind active and gives me something to do in the mornings, probably when I should be writing my blogs or reading.

I spot a very small bird flying around my campsite and it must take me a good 10mins to get a single photograph worth posting, this thing was so fast, I think that’s why I like the eagles and pelicans there a much larger target even though they are just as timid.



I used to keep finches as a kid when I first moved to Australia so they have a special place in my heart when I see them flying outside in the wild. They have the most amazing little chirp which is almost a buzz sound and reminds me of a quick blow on a mouth organ I think there called.


To me this looks like the most angry looking kookaburra I’ve spotted on my travels and I’m sure he was plotting something against me.IMG_3755

This was an amazing display of about 30 little finches flying in formation and making an incredible sound almost like a whoosh, then they just disappeared as they landed in the bushes in front of me.IMG_3758

You never know what you’re going to see from one day to the next, some places are full of life and others that you think will be thriving are just dead.

As you can see I enjoy my birds and there is plenty to see in Queensland.

Whats your favourite type of Bird?




5 thoughts on “Camping With The Birds

  1. I love small cute birds, like Blackbirds, robins, sparrows, finches, wrens. And I love NZ bird life. It’s amazing and so unique! Really made me appreciate birds heaps more.


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