Birthday Trip to Australia Zoo

After waking up at mums bed and breakfast I went upstairs and from the kitchen window I could see a fantastic view over the sweat potato fields.

A wonderful sunrise was developing, enhanced by the local sugarcane fires the sky was filled with an orange cast.

The farm workers were out in the fields checking all the water pipes and making sure everything is in order.


Lunch packed, we drove down the coast to Australia Zoo, a place I’ve been wanting to visit for years. It’s supposedly one of Australia best zoos and I was keen to see all the good work the Irwin’s have been doing.

The legend himself – Steve Irwin and family

As soon as we entered the zoo, about 4 staff were walking around with animals in there hands, Koalas, lizards, owl and a cockatoo showing off some tricks. It was good to see animals up close and not behind glass.

I have never seen a tortoise move as fast as this guy, it was doing laps around the enclosure, and was totally off the ground. I didn’t think this was possible, I thought they just shuffled around as I’d never seen the big ones move before.


I was amazed as most of the animals were very active which was good to see, apart from the wombat it lived up to its reputation and slept.

I loved getting up close to all the Australian snakes, this was a bit of and education lesson though as these two were creating babies which looks a bit like there getting electrocuted.


The American rattle snake was also on the move and had a magnificent enclosure with a photographic background so it looked much larger and appeared to be in a forest setting. I won’t post anymore pics of snakes as my step mum doesn’t like them and I can see her having heart palpitations now.

The koalas were out in numbers and most of them had babies, it was interesting to see a mother looking after someone else’s baby. There was another area where you could walk among the trees and if it the tree was occupied by a koala then a sign was displayed. Some were difficult to spot so it was a game of where’s Wally.

The giraffes were so funny, I had never seen one sleeping before and to me this looked like it had just come out of a box from Ikia.


The laughter didn’t stop there as you walked further around it looked headless. The funniest thing was when it started licking a tree, mum almost wet herself with laughter.

We stopped for lunch which was reasonably priced for a zoo and the food was excellent. I had pulled pork dish and the others had various salads. It was good to see other healthier opinions than just pies and hot chips.

The down side of been in the African section for lunch we missed the major crocodile  show at the other end of the zoo. This was due to someone guarding the map and claiming he didn’t know were anything was.

I must admit that this is one of the cleanest zoos that I have ever come across anywhere around the world and Iv’e been to a few.

One of the highlights for me was Bindi’s Island and the tree house, you could walk around the island with the Lemurs roaming free.


After this we walked over to the other side of the park and bought a bucket of lollies then caught a smaller crocodile show, which was very informative. Its good to see the crocodiles up close and for once I wasn’t worrying that they were on the other side of my tent like I was a few weeks before.

There was a dinosaur section with some massive fibreglass models for the kids and adults to enjoy.


One of my favourite animals were the otters and I got to see them just as my camera was running out of battery. After warming up the batteries I managed to get a few shots of them playing.

This brought memories of Gavin Maxwell’s book Ring of bright water, which I read a few months ago. It was an excellent read about a man living with otters in Scotland on the Isle of sky.


Nothing like a good back scratch


Definitely an excellent zoo to visit if your in Queensland for your holidays, I highly recommended Australia Zoo.


5 thoughts on “Birthday Trip to Australia Zoo

  1. Glad to hear it’s lived up to expectations. I visited Australia Zoo in 2003 on my first trip to Aus. I’m sure they’ve changed heaps but even then it was very clean and informative and I too thought it was one of the best zoos I’ve visited!

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